How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

Why Should You Sell Feet Pics as Your Hustle?

Most of the side hustles that we have presented to you in this blog require no money or experience to get started. Most of them require you to have a smartphone and off you start making money. 

To sell feet pics online is not different; it requires no starting capital or experience. As long as you can take a clear selfie or a photo on your camera or smartphone, you are ready to start earning for selling pics of feet. So, why should you engage in this hustle?

1. It is quite flexible

We are all looking for a flexible job that will allow us to carry out our routines like workouts, shopping, and outings without restrictions or worry that things will go messy. To sell feet pics, you don’t need a supervisor to tell you when to take or sell pictures; you have all the liberty. 

In this kind of hustle, you just have to be creative. You have to take the feet pictures in different angles to determine the angle that most of the customers like. Having a great phone with a super camera will be an added advantage for you.

2. You set your price

feet pics sell, foot pics

There is no standard amount to sell feet pics. As a stock photographer, you have the liberty of determining how much you are going to sell your pics of feet. Of course, in setting the optimum price, you have to take high-quality snaps that are clear with great shot angles.

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