How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

b) InstaFeet Review

This is another website where you can buy or sell feet pics by simply creating an account with them as a Creator. They usually verify your application before approval but they eventually approve your feet pics. 

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One feature that makes InstaFeet amazing is its subscription tiers. After your account has been approved, it will be turned into private. Only the buyers who want to buy your feet pictures will have access to them.

That means your feet pics will not be in public hence no cyberbullies and stalkers on your wall. You will also list the costs per photo where most sellers on InstaFeet sell feet pictures for $5 to $10. Just like FeetFinder, InstaFeet will take 10% of your earnings.

NOTE: There have been some complaints regarding InstaFeet from their reviews. Well, we have not fully certified whether the reviews are from genuine sellers or not but just know their reviews are not so good as of 2021 June. Enquiring from the website support team before joining them, is highly advisable.

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