How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

c) Feetify Review

This website is more of a social media where the buyers and sellers of feet pics meet and finalize their deals. Just like InstaFeet, you don’t have to pay to be part of the Feetify community.

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Once you have been approved, you can start uploading your best feet pictures and get ready to make the next sale. You have the liberty of chatting with the customer until you come to a consensus on how much they are willing to buy the picture.

Some customers on Feetify who like your products and want specific pictures from a certain angle may request you to make them customized feet pictures. With Feetify, you can decide to pay $57 for 5 months or $97 annually to join the premium club.

The beauty with Feetify that made us recommend it is that you get your full money. I mean, they don’t take any percentage like InstaFeet or FeetFinder. This could be the reason why it is growing so rapidly. 

d) Reddit Review

sell feet pics, foot pics

This is a famous platform that gathers like-minded people and forms a community. There are millions of people on this website who are interested in diverse topics. On Reddit, there are thousands of people who are interested in feet pictures. 

That’s where you get your clients. Some subreddits are mostly interested in selling photos online. Most probably, you will not lack the ones that are feet pictures fans who might end up becoming your good clients.

The easiest way to get started with Reddit is posting a gig of you selling feet pics. If you posted in the right forum and community of like-minded people, you will get interested parties. Chat with them and complete your transaction.

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