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How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

b) Facebook

sell feet pics, foot pics

You can also decide to sell feet pictures on Facebook. Perhaps, it is the only platform that has over one billion users globally. That means you have all the audience you need to sell feet pictures.

There are groups on Facebook that are exclusively made for feet pictures. FB does not restrict you from joining them. Join as many groups as possible that are in this niche. The members of those groups could be your potential clients.

On Facebook people are open and will say they are actively looking for feet pictures. Those are the people to reach out directly and establish a relationship with them before bumping into them.

Besides joining groups, you can create your page and group that posts only on feet pictures. Use hashtags to reach more people. Also, if you have a blog or an online shop where you sell feet pictures, feel free to attach them to your page.

c) Pinterest

sell feet pics, foot pics

Remember to use hashtags in your description to reach more people. Check out hashtag generators on the internet to have quality hashtags for your audience. People are using this platform to make money and you should not be left behind. 

It goes without mentioning this great platform that people are using to post feet pictures. You can make money on Pinterest by simply uploading feet pics and linking them to your website or online shop.

Joining Pinterest is not complicated, and it will only take you less than 5 minutes to be through. The next thing is uploading feet pictures that align with their set standard. Upload as many as you can.

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