How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

b) eBay

If Etsy is not your best, then proceed to eBay; they also have a great platform where you can sell feet pictures and make money. eBay has been on the ground for years and seems to be doing well not only in its vintage stuff but also in feet pictures. 

sell feet pics, foot pics

Just like on Etsy, creating a seller account on eBay is free and easy. Make your profile decent and start uploading your feet pics. I recommend you watermark them so that no client uses them for free. 

Any client who is interested in your pics will pay and the access will be unlocked. Set your price to be between $5 to $40 as a newbie. As you get more sale requests, you can increase the cost of your feet images. 

You can also use the eBay link on your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and website to direct people into your shop from those social media platforms. 

Now that you have to know where to sell your pictures, let’s wrap up this adventure by exploring some of the frequently asked questions on how to sell feet pictures. Shall we?

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