Tuesday, January 31

How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

3. No certification is Needed

Unlike most businesses that require you to be an expert in a certain area, selling pics of feet does not need any certification. Perhaps, this is why most people are now migrating into this field. 

Most of the platforms that we are going to mention later where you can sell feet pics require the stock photographer to be above 18 years.

No special training is needed. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you can start this home-based business.

4. Low investment needed

As previously mentioned, you start this business with your smartphone as long as the phone has a great camera. Some, stock photographers may want to upgrade and they end up joining some paid subscriptions. Well, it gives one a chance to reach more customers at a small fee. 

feet pics sell, foot pics

However, it is not a must for one to join the paid platforms for them to sell feet pics. The free platforms also perform a good job especially if you are a newbie and you don’t have enough capital to get started. 

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