Monday, January 30

How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

5. Highly profitable

Many people still don’t believe that they can sell pics of feet and make a decent income. But, it is no longer news; there are thousands of customers who are more than happy to buy your premium feet pics. 

Note: We usually recommend beginners to sell feet pics at a lower price that will be competitive with the other sellers.   

6. You can hide your identity

The beauty of this business is that you can start selling photos online being anonymous. I mean, you don’t have to show the public that you are the one selling the stock photos. 

You will see that stock photographers are selling the pictures for a minimum price of $5. Some are selling the feet photos online for over $100 and customers are more than willing to buy. So, set an average price.

I think this is one thing I love about this business of selling pics of feet. Many people have entered into this business and are hiding in avatars so no one can know their Identity. 

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7. It is a real business

Don’t just think that this is not a viable business idea. Thousands of ladies on Instagram are making tons of money by selling feet pics. You can get free followers and likes on Instagram and start your profile that will start making you good money. 

I know what could be running in your mind now after seeing the benefits of this side hustle; how do I get started?

Nevertheless, just like any other business you will need to at least have a base in terms of socializing with people. That’s why there is a great need of growing your IG profile and other social media platforms. So, are you ready to sell feet pics?

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