How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions on Selling Feet Pictures

1. How much does one make on selling feet pictures?

Well, various people have made different sums of money but one Canadian woman has made over $90,000 per year selling feet pictures. Nevertheless, the average price for every feet picture is $5 to $100. 

An influencer like Sweet Arches has confessed that she makes over 5,000 Euros every month just by selling feet pictures. She has also made over $2,000 on communities like self foot-worship on IG. 

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Models like Camila WestUK once made 100 Euros for two feet pictures. As you can see, most models, Instagrammers, influencers, and celebs are making a very decent amount by selling feet pics.

How much you make on selling feet pictures will depend on several factors like the quality of your pictures, your negotiation skills, great clients who are willing to pay more, your efforts on a pedicure, and the platform you are using to sell feet pictures.

So, can you make money selling feet pictures? Yes, thousands of dollars every month if you are a celeb or committed to your work. It is a great hustle with a decent and lucrative income. 

2. What do clients want in feet pictures?

Well, you can bet high-paying clients don’t just go for any feet picture; quality is king. One thing that is making these celebs cash out more on this selling feet pics business is the efforts they are making to make their feet aesthetically attractive and pleasing to the viewers. 

Ensure that your feet are attractive, pretty, without blemish, and slender. If you can have such a combination, be sure, you have a high potential of attracting more clients to your feet pics. 

You might need to do professional pedicures including some scrubs and spa. After you have made your feet attractive, the next thing is to drive traffic to your pictures to get clients for your feet pics. Is that clear?

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