How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

e) DollarFeet Review

sell feet pics, foot pics

This is another website that is genuinely willing to sell your pictures to thousands of their audience across the globe. DollarFeet does not charge you anything for joining their platform. Nevertheless, the application will be verified before you are approved. 

When you are submitting your application on DollarFeet, you will submit pictures from diverse angles. Perhaps, for them to see whether your feet qualify to be on their platform. 

One downside of DollarFeet is that they want you to show your face. Of course, most people want to remain anonymous hence don’t prefer showing their faces. However, that’s a requirement for you to sell feet pictures on DollarFeet.

f) Foap Review

sell feet pics, foot pics

Now, Foap is not exclusively for selling feet pictures but many people are using this iOS and Android App to make decent money. They have thousands of viewers who are willing to buy beautiful pictures including feet pictures.

It is simple to join Foap. You just need to sign up, come up with a profile, and upload your feet pictures. However, like many photo websites, they will charge you a little commission for every sale. 

With Foap, you have the full authority to upload as many feet pictures as you want. However, follow their set guidelines, terms, and conditions in your uploads. All in all, Foap is a great platform where you can sell feet pictures. 

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