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How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

Where to Sell Feet Pics

Now that you have those beautiful feet, the next thing in your mind is where to sell pics of feet. There are some ways that we are going to discuss in this section where you can sell feet pics as a stock photographer without any fear of being scammed. Here are some platforms:

1. On social media 

a) Instagram

The first social media platform is Instagram. We all know that IG is naturally made for pictures. When it comes to Instagram, there are no restrictions like when selling on marketplaces and certain websites.

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You just need to create an account and make your profile attractive. The next thing is to upload your feet pics. Now, you have to be consistent in posting the feet pics. I prefer posting like 5-10 pics daily.

As you continuously post your feet pics, you will naturally get followers. You can decide to check this article on how to get free Instagram likes naturally. The next this is to sell feet pictures.

Remember to say something on your picture as you are posting it. Don’t ever forget to use hashtags, those are the real generators of clients for your pics of feet. This is quite recommendable when posting on communities like #feetnation, #feetworship, #feetlovers, and many others. 

On your Instagram profile, you have a section where you can place the link to your website. This is where having your blog or an online shop where you are selling feet pictures merges. Place that link there, anyone interested in buying your pics will visit your shop or blog.

NOTE: Most people who are making decent money from selling feet pictures on Instagram are celebrities and influencers who already have established brands and millions of followers. However, you can still have a share of this big cake; don’t be discouraged as a beginner. 

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