How To Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022

Have you been wondering how to make money from Pinterest? Most probably you were one of the people storming Google searching for how to make money on Pinterest without a blog or maybe how to earn money using Pinterest, could you be the one?

Well, you may have heard much concerning this topic and perhaps you want to learn more about it. Fortunately, we got you covered, as usual, by presenting to you this great way of making money online from the comfort of your couch.

A Brief Pinterest Review

Pinterest has been one of the most growing social media platforms over the past decade and many bloggers and influencers are making good use of it to make money for themselves. I think you should join the club, what do you think?

make money from Pinterest

In 2013, Pinterest was boasting of having 70 million users of which 80% of them were supposedly women. That tells you why most people viewed Pinterest as a platform where women showcase their DIY skills and prowess.

By then, this social media platform was getting over 2.5 billion page views every month. Fast forward to 2021, Pinterest is now having 300 million users and that means, they could be receiving over 6 billion page views every month.

Although many users never thought that they could make money from Pinterest, it has now become one of the social media platforms that are sustaining the livelihood of most bloggers.

Having known the growth rate of this platform, let’s explore more on how to make cash from it. In this article, we are going to unravel how you can make money from Pinterest without a blog. Yes, you read that well. 

How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog

When most people hear of making money online, the first thought in their mind is starting a blog, which is not bad. We have a 20% exclusive offer for you if you want to start a blog within 5 minutes.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a blog or it is time you are putting your house in order, you have Pinterest by your side. You can make money from Pinterest without a blog through the following nine ways:

  1. Through Affiliate Marketing
  2. Curating a board with a famous brand
  3. Selling your products
  4. Doing Joint Promotions
  5. Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant
  6. Through Shop the Look pins
  7. Monetizing your skill
  8. Starting a Pinterest course 
  9. Being an Influencer Marketer

Well, we have more for you on how to be established in each of the above ways and start making money from Pinterest without a blog. Keep reading to learn more, will you?

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you are not new in the field of making money online, you must have heard of affiliate marketing before. Inlay man’s language, affiliate marketing is promoting a product or service on behalf of the seller to the customer; when the customer purchases the product or service you get a commission.

make money from Pinterest

That means you don’t need to own any product or to be offering any service; your job is to join the affiliate programs of thousands of brands globally and start promoting their products using the given affiliate link. Learn more on this affiliate marketing step by step guide for beginners.

Of course, some will pay you a better commission percentage than others. However, you will always get a commission whenever a client purchases the service or product using your affiliate link. 

This is one of the major ways many people use to make money from Pinterest. I know you could be wondering, where do I get the affiliate products and services to promote on Pinterest? Relax, and keep reading.

The Best 6 Affiliate Networks

I have sourced for some of the best affiliate marketing networks that I have worked with before and found them to be more reliable. Besides, they offer great commissions and well-converting products and services. Here are some of the best six affiliate networks:

  • Warrior Plus
  • Max Bounty
  • Click Bank
  • Digistore24
  • Amazon Associates
  • JVZoo 

The above affiliate networks have proven to me to be quite reliable and in the future, I will x-ray each one of them for you to get a better understanding of how they work. Sign up with any one of them and get affiliate links for the products or services they are offering.

make money from Pinterest

Some like Warrior Plus and JVZoo will require you to contact the owner of the product first before you are given your affiliate link and permission to promote their products or services.

However, others like Max Bounty are quite flexible and have thousands of offers, surveys, products, and services to start promoting as soon as you are approved. The affiliate link from these affiliate networks is what you are going to use to make money from Pinterest. 

The Best 12 Affiliate Programs

Now, there are affiliate networks that exclusively deal with affiliate products and services and there are great affiliate programs on individual websites. There are company websites that offer you a chance to earn commissions when you drive customers their way.

This has become one of the competitive advantages for most organizations. Most of these affiliate programs are ran side by side referral programs. As you refer people to sign up to their website you get cash, points, or a commission. Here are some of the best affiliate programs I have used in the past:

The list is long but those are some of the ones that I have used and found to be reliable and offer great commissions and cash. You can sign up with Commission Junction (CJ) to apply for the affiliate programs and manage them easily.

make money from Pinterest

The Best 2 CPA Networks

Now from there, other networks exclusively deal with offers. Which I thought it wise to mention to you because they work like affiliate marketing networks though the customer does not need to buy anything.

Such CPA networks can also help you make money from Pinterest using the links they give you. In those networks, they give you offers which are to be completed by citizens of a particular country.

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For example, they give you an offer whereby someone is supposed to sign up using their names, email, mobile number, credit card number, and address. When the person completes the process, they credit your account with $2.50 to $20. Here are the best two offer websites that I considered reliable after working with them:

That’s how simple people are making money from Pinterest without a blog. You just need to promote the offer to people from the given countries; once they complete the offer you will get paid. 

I am 101% sure that if you can make use of all these networks to get your affiliate links, referral links, and offer links, you will make money from Pinterest just like I did. Just take a step.

How to Make Money From Pinterest With Affiliate Links

1. Create or Log in to your Pinterest Account

Now that you have known the sources of our affiliate links, you are probably wondering what next. Well, head over to Pinterest and create an account with them which will take you few minutes. 

I recommend making a business Pinterest account for you to see the analytics of how your pins are doing and the source of your traffic. It is very important to do that. Complete the profile, create boards and start uploading your pins.

make money from Pinterest

2. Make Pins Using Canva

Where do I get the pins? Head over to Canva; I have been using it since I can remember. It has the best dimensions needed by Pinterest to rank your pins. You can search for Pinterest Poster and the various dimensions as per Pinterest requirements will be displayed.

The next thing is to upload an image and add some text to your pin. After you are done, download the PNG.

3. Upload the Pin on Pinterest

Then upload it on Pinterest as your pin. Write the title of your pin, a description, and ALT text, and hashtags. Remember, the title should be appealing to the viewer to match your beautiful pin.

4. Add a Description, ALT Text, and Hashtags

A great way to know what people are searching for on Pinterest is by typing a word or two in the search bar and Pinterest will give you suggestions. Those suggestions are a great way of knowing what is trending.

make money from Pinterest

Copy those suggestions and come up with a great title and description. Remember to get the hashtags either from Pinterest Hashtag generators on Google or from other pinners who are doing what you are doing.

5. Paste the affiliate link in the website field

Finally, link the pin to the affiliate link you got from either the affiliate networks, affiliate programs, or the CPA networks. That will act as your landing page once someone clicks on your pins. Whenever they buy, sign up, or complete an offer, you will get paid. That’s how to make money from Pinterest using affiliate marketing.

NOTE: Make your pins attractive and eye-catching. Use great colors and weird headings that create curiosity in the viewer. Remember to explore what other pinners in the same field are doing and get an idea of what to do on your pins.

2. Curating a board with a famous brand

I will be brief on this one because it is mostly for those pinners who have thousands of followers hence attracting major brands. So, this may not be the right way to make money from Pinterest as a newbie; of course, we all start from somewhere and you will one day grow to such levels where you will attract brands.

In this method, the brand usually pays you for creating a board for them. The brand pays a flat fee to you to keep you going. Besides getting paid by the company, you end up getting more followers.

make money from Pinterest

Since people are searching for the brand, they will land on the brand’s board on your account. As they interact with the board, they end up following you. The company you are creating the board for must be in the field of your content.

NOTE: This way of making money from Pinterest requires you to have thousands of followers and good traffic from high-end countries. Continue adding pins and one day you will be curating a board for a famous brand.

3. Selling your products

The third way you can use to make money from Pinterest without a blog is by selling your products either virtually or physically. The beauty of Pinterest is that it allows you to focus on your location using related words and hashtags.

1. Supply to your locals

Assuming you are running a cake business in your locality, you will be getting orders from the people around you. You can put your phone number so that anyone interested in your products can call you and you deliver to them.

You can even take a video of how you bake the cakes, how you do the icing and package them. You then upload the video showing them the packed cakes and their prices. Cake lovers will definitely place orders.

make money from Pinterest

2. Make products using Spring

If you are doing business globally, then you may need an online shop. The best platforms to host your shop on are Shopify or Etsy. You can be creating some t-shirts on the Spring website (Formerly TeeSpring) and posting their images on Etsy, Shopify shop, and Pinterest.

Anyone who clicks on the images you have posted on Pinterest is directed to the Shopify or Etsy shop. You will link your pins with the link to your store or shop on Shopify or Etsy. 

The beauty of Spring is that it fulfills the order on your behalf. It prints the design and directly ships it to your customers. Then they send you your share. Your work is just to design the t-shirts, hoods, caps, or any product. In our article about home-based businesses to start today, we have explained more about Spring.

3. Source Products from AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay

This is where you can use your Shopify shop. You link your store with AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay platforms. For AliExpress, you use Oberlo and you start the dropshipping business. Whenever a client orders your product from your Shopify shop, Oberlo ensures that it is delivered on time.

make money from Pinterest

Then Oberlo will send your share to you. You can upload the pins of your products on Pinterest and link them to your Shopify store. This is something thousands of people are doing and it is a great way to make money from Pinterest. 

Why Sell Your Products Using Pinterest?

Pinterest has become one of the tools people are using to determine what or what not to buy on the various eCommerce website. You will be surprised to know that 66% of people buy something after seeing it on Pinterest.

Many eCommerce website owners thought that Facebook was the source of traffic for them until recently when it was discovered that Pinterest drives 33% more traffic to eCommerce sites than Facebook.

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So, do you see how much you are missing for not posting pins about your products on Pinterest? Now, instead of running Facebook ads that are becoming outdated, I recommend using Promoted Pins.

make money from Pinterest

This is one way you can create awareness of your brand, drive traffic, and have better conversion. You notice that most page viewers on Pinterest are from developed countries like the United States. 

That means they are likely to buy your products when you run promoted pins of your products. Why not start designing products on Spring and creating pins about them? This is a great way to make money from Pinterest without a blog. 

NOTE: Design your products easily on TeeSpring and post them on Etsy or Shopify. You can also dropship using Oberlo. Remember to sell quality products on your online or physical store. Then post the pins to start making money from Pinterest.

4. Doing Joint Promotions

In this case, you work hand in hand with the brand you are promoting. For example, a company like NetFlix can reach out to you and tell you to create a pin titled “The Best 5 Movies You Should Not Miss This Summer”. 

Of course, they will give you a link to the landing page that they want customers to visit. There are various brands you can work with however, your content must be related to whichever brand you are promoting.

NOTE: You must be having thousands of followers and be experienced in creating awesome pins that will attract customers to the promoted pin. The brand placement, design, and concept of the pin must be well-articulated for you to make money from Pinterest using joint promotions. 

5. Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

You will be surprised to know that most people have created gigs on platforms like Fiverr where they are looking for someone to hire them as Pinterest virtual assistants.

make money from Pinterest

If you cannot do affiliate marketing, sell your products, or you don’t want to create your Pinterest account, you can become a Pinterest virtual assistant. Your work will be to help bloggers and influencers make money from Pinterest by optimizing their pins and the entire account.

You could be doing things like creating pins, keyword researching, scheduling using Tailwind, creating sales funnel, running promoted pins, and such tasks. With this kind of job, you will be flexible to do other things; you are not limited.

That means you can have a couple of clients at the same time and make money from Pinterest without hassles. So, how much do Pinterest virtual assistants make? Well, somewhere between $500 to $800 per month; good money. 

NOTE: You must be proficient and experienced in Pinterest. You need to give value to your clients and enable them to rank on Pinterest and search engines. So, embrace this way of making money from Pinterest wholeheartedly. 

6. Through Shop the Look pins

In this sixth method to make money on Pinterest without a blog, you will need to have a business account. Of course, we told you to create that from the beginning; easy to do.

The next thing is to create Shop the Look pins. What does that mean? You could be wondering. Shop the Look pins is a way many influencers and pinners use to promote what they wear. 

make money from Pinterest

For example, they could take a picture wearing a certain shoe design, suit, dress, cloth, necklace, t-shirts, jewelry, and any other thing. The item you tag on your pin will feature a blue dot. 

The viewer may click on the dot and end up purchasing the product. When they shop you get your share. It is less similar to affiliate marketing although, this one is for individual pins for a particular celeb.

NOTE: At least, you need to have some followers, be a celeb or an influencer who people view as their idol or model. Only at that point will make money from Pinterest using Shop the Look pins profitably. 

7. Monetizing your skill

Let’s assume that you are a good singer or a woodworker who is experienced and perfect in what you do. You can be making money from Pinterest by posting your Woodwork or singing using the pin videos or pictures.

There are marketable skills on Pinterest which you can learn over time and acquire the necessary skills. If you are good at singing and composing songs, you can create a podcast and monetize it.

make money from Pinterest

Another great skill you can acquire and start making money from Pinterest is calligraphy. A company or an individual can reach out to you after seeing your work on Pinterest. You can be making signs or some fancy letters for them. 

Other people have learned how to take photos and ended up selling them on various websites. Read our article on how to sell feet pictures and make money on stock photo websites. This could be what you needed to make money from Pinterest.

Some people have presented their expertise in crocheting using pins and have been hired to crochet hats and scarves for people. Focus not only on making money from Pinterest but also on gaining a skill.

NOTE: Learning takes time but, eventually, it will pay you decently. Ensure you learn what you love doing, and after you have mastered it, showcase your skills on Pinterest. This is a great way to make money from Pinterest after learning from the same platform.

8. Starting a Pinterest course 

After you have been on this platform and have made money from Pinterest for years and gaining extensive experience on this social media platform, you can decide to nurture the upcoming generation through a Pinterest course.

Of course, you will charge some enrolment fee for people to value your knowledge. That is how you make money from Pinterest with a course. Perhaps you started as a virtual assistant and helped some influencers go viral. That is a good thing to put in a lesson and teach people how you did it. 

make money from Pinterest

You can come up with eBooks & courses upload them on Pinterest pins, Udemy or Amazon. Learn more on making money with Amazon Kindle and Audible as part of Amazon remote jobs in our article. 

You will end up inspiring newbies who want to become like you. So, let your Pinterest knowledge pay you.

NOTE: Offer quality to the students who will sign up for your course. You don’t have to charge too high; after all, you want to inspire someone to reach your level. However, if you are offering real value, don’t just give it out cheaply. 

9. Being an Influencer Marketer

Finally, you can make money from Pinterest without a blog through influencer marketing. You need to have a good number of followers who are genuinely interested in what you offer them.

Some pinners and brands may approach you to feature their pin in your board for a few hours, days, or months and they pay for the visibility. Usually, influencers like Oh Joy, charge depending on the number of hours or days you want the pin to be visible and the number of their followers. And that’s how she makes money from Pinterest.

make money from Pinterest

If you have quality followers and good traffic from the US, AU, UK, or CA, you will be paid more by brands and individuals for featuring their pins. When you have grown your followership, Influencer marketing will be a great way to make money from Pinterest.

NOTEAs an influencer, you should have a good image in society, among your followers, and before the globe. Your followers should be genuine and have the capacity to generate quality traffic for your clients to get the value after advertising with you. That is when you will make money from Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

Learn how to diversify your income by coming up with several ways of earning. If you plan to make money from Pinterest without a blog, we have listed nine ways to help you achieve that. Now the ball is in your court, choose the right way and start earning from this social media platform.

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