How to Sell The Greatest Feet Pics and Make Easy Money in 2022

3. Why do people buy feet pictures?

There are various reasons why people are buying your feet pictures. One of the major reasons is for businesses purposes. A nail polish business will look for the best feet pictures to advertise their polish. 

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Other businesses that will buy your feet pictures include feet jewelry, footwear brands, foot peeling product businesses, foot scrub businesses, and spas. Marketing and advertising in these businesses cannot be complete without pretty feet pictures.

Some people also need feet pictures as in-text images for their articles and blogs. Most brands dealing with foot care and feet health stuff will prefer buying beautiful feet pictures for their publications. Also, there are the foot fetishists who just love seeing feet.

4. Why do people sell feet pictures?

I think this is pretty obvious, it is because there is a ready market willing to buy the feet pictures. Some people spend over $300 every month buying feet pictures. The popularity of selling feet pics is increasing daily.

Some websites like WikiFeet are fully dedicated to featuring feet pictures, especially of celebs. On IG, you will see thousands of feet pictures on hashtags like #feetworship and #feet among others. So, yes, people sell feet pictures because clients are willing to buy them handsomely for it. 

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