How Do You Get Paid From YouTube | Free Guide 6

How do you get paid from YouTube? One of the ways is through AdSense which pays you through Electronic Funds Transfer, Check, Western Union Quick Cash, Wire Transfer, or Rapida after you have reached the payment threshold. Learn more in this article.

How to Get Paid From YouTube in 2022

Now that you already know that YouTube pays handsomely to its creators, most properly you are eager to know the answer to “how do you get paid from YouTube?”. Well, that’s why we are here to guide you in this ultimate guide 6.

If you have not read through the previous articles on how to make money on YouTube, you have missed a lot. However, you can always find time and go back to read them through from guide one. 

We have discussed how much you will earn from YouTube and the various features to put on YouTube channels to ensure you have decent pay every month. We have extensively written on Ad Revenue, Channel Membership, and Merch Shelf as part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Assuming you have your channel ready for monetization the next question is, how do you get paid from YouTube? In this article, you’ll fully understand the process of how you get paid from YouTube down to when you have the money in your pocket. It is going to be brief but interesting. So, let’s dive in.

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