Top 6 Kenyan Celebs That Are Blood Relatives & Their Suitable Insurance Company

6 Kenyan Celebrities That Are Blood Relatives: The Last 3 Will Shock You

We always see them in various television networks, on some insurance company’s commercial ads, in some Tv programs, dramas, and shows; but did you know that they are blood relatives? Of course, you may not be aware of that…

Welcome to another episode in the Lifestyle and Celebs segment where we are beaming our lenses on some Kenyan celebrities that are actually blood relatives to the surprise of many and the insurance companies that suit each one of them.

It was a shock to me and the one that really blew me up was the sixth blood relationship; I mean I could never have imagined that the two celebs are blood relatives. So let’s dive in and see these Kenyan celebrities that are blood relatives and an insurance company that suits each.

1. Khaligraph Jones and Lamaz Span

I know some people are aware of Khali but did not know that he has a blood relative known as Lamaz who is also actually a Kenyan celeb who is not well known by many.

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For those who love rap songs then you must have come across these Kenyan celebs siblings who are dominant in the industry. Lamaz Span happens to be the elder brother of Khaligraph Jones.

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They have been working closely even in their release of songs one of which is fondly known as “Niko na Form”. So, you cannot separate these two brothers who have a close bond.

From our judgment, the guys have money and the most suitable insurance company for this duet is AAA insurance company.

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