Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

13. Real Estate Management

I don’t have to tell you that the real estate business in Kenya is booming and that translates to a need for professional real estate managers.

marketable courses in Kenya

The truth is, the real estate industry is on an upward trend and it is not going down soon. Therefore, wisdom demands that you study such marketable courses in Kenya.

The many adverts on social media, televisions, and newspapers is a real proof that the real estate industry is here to stay. Its potential is quite unlimited.


One of the major reasons that have made real estate management one of the most marketable courses in Kenya is the limited number of universities and colleges offering the course.

Nevertheless, if you have the right qualifications, you will always get enrolled in the few vacancies in accredited Kenyan universities and colleges.

This course covers various subjects which give you practical experience and knowledge to work with mortgage companies, fintech, real estate companies, and construction companies.



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