Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

20. Statistics

This is one of the best courses that will never run out of the market because the world is heading in that direction. Every business and organization has to apply some statistical knowledge.

marketable courses in Kenya

Beautifully, almost every university and college is offering this course. That should tell you that you don’t have to struggle to gain access to study this course.

Being one of the marketable courses in Kenya and across the globe, Statistics stands a good ground for its various applications in the corporate market.


If you have a vision of working with private, government, and Non-governmental organizations, then studying statistics can place you in a better position.

Most NGOs want to know the data and statistical information about places before they deploy their help and aid. You will be privileged to work with United Nations and other NGOs.

If you are passionate and an avid in mathematics and analysis, then you have you are better placed to study this marketable course, statistics.



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