Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

7. Project Management

Kenya is one of the most developing countries in Africa, precisely, the third fastest-growing country after South Africa and Nigeria.

marketable courses in Kenya

One of the characteristics of developing countries is the multiple projects from roads to seaports, buildings to bridges, and railway lines to airports among others.

These multiple projects that are always going on in Kenya, make Project Management one of the best and most marketable courses in Kenya that one should pursue.


Although some people may argue is part of the logistics in supply chain management, this course is distinctly on its own and most students who are futuristic are enrolling for it.

Project management will give you the knowledge you need to plan, organize, and execute the various projects in an effective and efficient manner.

Besides working with the government this course can enable you to work with various private organizations that are undertaking some crucial projects. In short, projects will never end.



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