Thursday, January 26

Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

11. Procurement and Logistics

Is there a company or business in Kenya that is not purchasing and buying? Of course, not. Some industries are involved in importing various products.

marketable courses in Kenya

During the transportation of a certain product, there is a supply chain or logistics involved in the process. The process will require a professional to do the job efficiently.

If there is no procurement and logistics expert, the products may delay in arrival which can cost the company billions of money because of a shortage in supply.


As you can see, this is one of the marketable courses in Kenya that is here to stay. The future of the course is guaranteed and juicy.

This course involves a whole lot of activities including stock taking, an inspection of goods upon arrival, issuance of goods to the user departments, stock taking, and developing local purchase orders.

Besides, there is contract management and development of the procurement plan of an organization in this course once you get hired.

The aim of this course is to give you the knowledge you need to have enough inventory for production, get the most competitive market prices for the goods, reduce costs, and increase the revenue of the company.



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