Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

18. Civil Engineering

I know when students hear of engineering, they tend to coil and fear the entire thing. That’s why they all run into easy courses that end them jobless.

marketable courses in Kenya

But did you know your chances of being jobless significantly reduces when you pursue only the marketable courses in Kenya? One such course is civil engineering.

Although it may require some good qualifications in your mathematics and science subjects, you still have a chance to bridge and pursue your dream of becoming an engineer.


Kenya being one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa, the third fastest-growing country, it means there will be numerous construction projects from roads to buildings.

And do you know who will be needed to do the job? It is the civil engineers. So, if you are passionate about becoming an engineer, start your studies.

Civil engineering will give you the knowledge you need to design, construct, and maintain even physical projects including buildings, sewer lines, dams, railways, roads, and canals among others.



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