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Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

4. Agriculture related courses

Kenya is a farming country. Although most people are abandoning farming for businesses, there is a huge number of Kenyans who are into large-scale farming.

marketable courses in Kenya

Agriculture studies remain some of the most marketable courses in Kenya because over 80% of Kenyan revenue comes from this sector.

Agriculture is quite broad and there will always be farmers who want something new or some education on new methods of farming, animal husbandry, fish rearing, etc.


Recently, millennial farmers have introduced smart farming where almost everything is mechanized and one does not have to use much physical energy.

Such farmers will need experts who will show them how to operate various types of machinery, the fertilizers to use, the breed of animals to rear, the kind of greenhouse to use, and the kind of seeds and plants to sow.

That’s what makes agriculture-related courses some of the most marketable courses in Kenya. The ministry of agriculture, private, and public sectors will seek to work with you.


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