Tuesday, January 31

Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

5. Nursing

The Kenyan population is steadily growing and that comes with its own needs. In a developing country, one of the basic needs is medical checkups.

marketable courses in Kenya

That means as the population increases more and more people will need some medical attention at one time or another. That translates to more nurses in the hospitals.

Nursing will remain one of the marketable courses in Kenya as long as people are conscious of their health. So, it is very futuristic and reliable.


A nurse works closely with the doctor and does most of the routine checkups on a patient when the doctor is away. It is quite involving but very marketable.

If you aim at studying nursing, then you need to have great grades in mathematics and sciences, especially biology and chemistry. Nevertheless, you can bridge any subject that you failed.

Besides, you need to be prepared with a fat bank account if you are not government-sponsored or you are on a parallel program.



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