Tuesday, January 31

Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

12. Computer Science

If you have been conducting research on the most marketable courses in Kenya, you must have come across Computer Science. Besides, most companies are looking for such gurus.

marketable courses in Kenya

Now, this course is awesome and can easily land you into the best jobs in Kenya. However, you must study the course in a registered and well-known university or college.

It will be a waste of resources in terms of money and time studying this course at a non-reputable university. Even after you have graduated, it will be difficult to secure a job.


Most businesses are making their services online and that means every organization is looking for a way to capture more customers into their systems.

As a computer scientist, you will be involved in IT-related jobs which will enable you to design, and implement certain software and computer systems.

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Organizations are now keeping their data in soft copies. They will need a system that will keep their information secure all the time and that’s where computerized computer systems come to play.



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