Monday, January 30

Top 20 Great and Marketable Courses in Kenya

17. Monitoring and Evaluation

Kenya is among the third world countries and a developing one for that matter. One of the major problems facing most developing countries is the allocation of resources.

marketable courses in Kenya

The resources in the third world countries are quite limited and if they are not well controlled and monitored, then there will never be progression in the standards of living.

It is not only at the national level, there is the business and industries level. Most organizations want to come up with a procurement plan that is within their allocated budget.


Now, one of the marketable courses in Kenya that will ensure that companies, organizations, businesses, and governments make use of their limited resources in a good way is monitoring and evaluation.

The Monitoring and Evaluation course gives the student the acumen and knowledge they need to plan, execute, and maintain the projects.

This M&E course will enable the company to get the information they need and then show them their achievements over time and know when to reallocate the resources.



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