The Best Video Captions Job in 2022

How to Join Rev as a Captioner?

As mentioned earlier, this platform offers several services to its clients, including transcribing, writing video captions, and teaching foreign languages. It all depends on what you are looking for.

When you visit the Rev website, scroll down and see “become a freelancer.” Hit on the “learn more,” and you will be directed to a page where you sign up as a Rev Freelancer.

We noticed with Rev that they don’t accept freelancers from certain countries. However, if you are from developed countries, you are in for video captions jobs on Rev.

To become a captioner on Rev, you will go through three simple steps:

Step 1: Take a Quick Quiz

For this website to determine whether you have a good grasp of English, they will need you to complete a simple, quick quiz.

This is where they get to know your command of English and other grammar skills. For video captions, you need to demonstrate that you are almost a native English speaker; I mean, present the best of you.

Step 2: Submit your sample

video captions

The next step to becoming a captioner on Rev is to submit either your transcriptionist or caption samples. Of course, they will need this to see how good you are at what you do.

They will review your samples very well to ensure they align with their customers’ quality expectations. Send the best of your video captions if at all you want to secure several typing works with Rev.

Step 3: Registering

This is conditional. You only get to register on this website if your samples in step 2 above have been approved.

If you send your best caption samples, you will be approved. After you register, you can start earning with Rev right from your couch.

There are hundreds of caption jobs that you can choose from once you have been approved. You just need to select the video captions jobs you are interested in and get to work depending on your schedule.

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As a captioner, you will be exposed to a range of various captioning jobs, which sometimes range from captioning YouTube Videos to writing some closed captions for movies and other leading brands.

Are you still wondering why you should do video captions on Rev? Well, perhaps the next section will convince you more.

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