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Jobs Corner: Top Content Writer and Article Writer Jobs 2021

Hello, welcome to Work From Home Jobs Corner where we post various remote article writer and freelancing job opportunities for any freelancer or content writer as per our need and also as we get them from our former clients across the globe…

Be sure to visit this portal daily to get the latest freelance and article writer job offers. All the best.


Dr. Akshay Kiran, a Clinical Expert Director, Doctor, Clinical Research Director and Professor is looking for experienced Medical Writers and Statistician Experts who are experienced in writing Manuscripts, review articles, research manuscripts according to journal format and guidelines.

The preferred writers should be from Kenya and have 4 to 8 years of medical writing.

If you are the right candidate, kindly send him your details expressing your interest on:

WhatsApp number +91 8897175591

All the Best.

content writer article writer

Content Writer/Article Writer Jobs: CLOSED/PREVIOUS

We are looking for a smart and creative Virtual Assistant for our Quora platform. You MUST be conversant with how Quora works.


  • To search for the latest questions related to working from home. (They should not be older than a week)
  • To answer FIVE of the questions daily from the ones you found that are related to working from home (Answer Each Question After Atleast One Hour to avoid being flagged by Quora).
  • Getting the answer to the questions asked from our articles on this website. (Your answer must have an IMAGE got from our Articles. The image should be AFTER THE FIRST PARAGRAPH. It should have TWO LINKS TO OUR WEBSITE; Don’t include any other link except the two links to our website). See a sample of what is expected.
  • Updating our Quora Space with a part of the latest article we have published (You just copy and paste a portion of the article). See our Quora space and see how we do it.
  • Sending the five links of the questions you answered to our Editor daily on

Number of Working Hours

It should be like 15-25 minutes Daily, a maximum of 3 hours per week, and a maximum of 13 hours per month. Assuming you are taking 3-5 minutes to answer each question.

Mode of Payment

We pay our employees weekly via PayPal. So, by Saturday evening, send us your invoice indicating the number of hours worked, amount earned, and your PayPal account.


You are required to answer each question AFTER ATLEAST ONE HOUR.

DON’T be spammy by answering the questions at once, if that happens we will TERMINATE our contract with you and NOT PAY YOU. It’s that serious.


If you’re interested in the Quora Virtual Assistant position kindly apply using the form below; remember to indicate your expected hourly pay.

The right candidate will be contacted by our Chief Editor using our official email.

…All the Best…

  • Milestone Technologies Inc in Fremont Canada, is looking for content specialists. Apply Here.
  • Steamery in Stockholm Sweden, is looking for a copywriter who is experienced in writing about clothes. If you’re up to the task, then Apply Here.
  • 4P Square in Brussels, Belgium is looking for a Web Content specialist who will be managing and updating their websites among other tasks. Can you do it? Then Apply Here
  • Mischa Communications in the USA is looking to build lasting relationships with like-minded Technical Freelancer Writer who have experience with technical writing, specifically in the financial and cybersecurity fields. Apply Now.
  • Digital Silk in Greece is a growing digital agency and is seeking to hire an expert Content Writer with native or near-native English copywriting skills to write engaging, fluff-free web copy for clients across industries, research, write and revise blog content optimized for search engines, review and improve, and copy for various channels and occasionally write press releases. Apply Now.
  • Vivial in Atlanta is looking for Freelance Writer. Their freelancers are tasked with writing hyper-polished, sharp, and colorful 300-word posts for hundreds of local/national clients across various industries (everything from beauty and real estate to dentistry and funeral services). They’re looking to hire the best of the best writers who are confident in their abilities to transform basic marketing copy into fresh, resonating, and engaging posts. Apply Now.
  • Endgame360 is a 100% virtual media company that runs Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Sportscasting, Remoter.Co, and MotorBiscuit. At Endgame360, their primary goal is to delight millions of monthly readers with high-quality content. They are looking for a Digital Editor. Apply Now.
  • As Clever, in Durham USA, continues to grow and develop, they’re excited to help millions of readers navigate their real estate journey. Headquartered in St. Louis, they offer remote work opportunities across the country (and even outside the U.S). Currently looking for a Content Writer to build a comprehensive library of real estate knowledge, becoming the go-to source of information for home buyers, sellers, and real estate investors. Apply Now.
  • Chili in Brazil is looking for a Content Writer who loves to write! We’re looking for someone who self-driven and who loves to work with inspired (and inspiring) teams. Apply Now.
  • TBY in Kazakhstan is looking for freelance writers to cover topics ranging from industry, energy, and mining to finance real estate, and construction across Asia. Apply Now.
  • Fluence in Texas is looking to hire content writers for Tiktok, Instagram, and our website. We have four internship positions available, roughly one per platform. The writer for each platform should (1) understand the platform for which they write inside and out and (2) care deeply about Fluence’s mission and goals. Apply Now.
  • Photocrowd in the UK is a well-established and much-loved online photography community. Our Content Manager’s main responsibility is creating and maintaining the various types of content that members interact with on the site. Apply Now.
Content Writer 
Article Writer
  • Perfect Keto in Austin, Texas is searching for a creative; data-driven Marketing Content Manager to help them grow the best blog in the low-carb space. Are you up to the task? Apply Now.
  • Adobe in Jersey is looking for a Senior Writer who will work with a team of writers, both internally and externally, to guide and ensure great writing, and keep a consistent tone and voice in all medium and long-form writing projects. Apply Now
  • Paperform, a Sydney-based SaaS company that provides tools to help people and businesses easily create beautiful online forms is looking for a Content Writer who has a stable internet connection, a passion for getting stuff done, outstanding communication skills, and tech-savvy. Apply Now.
  • PrideOne in New York is looking for an article writer who possesses a passion for writing and an innovative ability to create successful marketing campaigns and aid in creating company growth. Apply Now.
  • White Glove Content in Kenya is looking for Remote Content Writers. They pay $8 per 1000 words. Apply Now.
  • Trilyon, Inc in Georgetown, TX, is searching for an intermediate technical writer with a unique blend of experience writing web and technical content who will be paid $35/hr. Apply Now.
  • Airbase in Canada is looking for a talented Junior Copywriter with both impeccable writing skills and a penchant for understanding what audiences will “hear” to serve as a marketing copywriter. Apply Now.
  • Drishya AI Labs in India is looking for a technical writer dedicated to building high-quality content for Drishya AI Labs, an A.I.-based solutions firm, focusing on AI-Powered Digital Transformation For Energy Industry, with offices in Bangalore & Calgary. Apply Now.
  • SINC USA is looking for a talented and versatile Content Manager to fill a content writing position. This opportunity will require a strong understanding of the tech industry, focused on B2B and SaaS. Apply Now.
  • Connect Search, LLC in Brookfield, WI, is looking for a freelance article writer. Check out this job Here.
  • Russell Tobin from New York in the United States is looking for an article writer to join their team. Check out this job Here.
  • Paperform Company in California, United States is looking for a full-time Article Writer to join their growing team. He or she will be in charge of using the Paperform voice to educate and entertain their audience through comprehensive content pieces. Check out the job Here.
  • The Giving Movement Company in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is looking to hire an experienced content writer to oversee all written content for their brand online. The ideal candidate would have good previous experience in the fashion space. Check out the Job Here.
  • Daniels Health in Chicago, IL, United States is looking for a Content Writer who will be joining their team of mission-driven creatives, communicators, and strategists to challenge the status quo and bring visibility and engagement to their global brand. Check Out the Job Here.
  1. Techaxis Inc in the California United States is looking for a remote technical article writer. Check out this job Here
  2. AmoMedia in Spain is looking for remote writer. Check out this job Here.
  3. GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT in Portland Oregon Metropolitan Area is looking for a Content Writer. Check out this job Here.
from home jobs content writer, article writer
  1. Monday. com in Tel Aviv in Israel is looking for a Knowledge Base article Writer. Check out this job Here.
  2. E.ON UK in England, United Kingdom is looking for a Junior Content Editor. Check out this job Here
  1. Kinesis Money in United Kingdom is looking for a Remote Expert article Writer, check out for the job and Apply Now.:
  2. Genesis Consultants Ltd in East Africa Kenya Wants a Remote Content Moderator. Apply for the Job.
  3. Zignaly in United Kingdom is looking for an experienced writer who can produce content to educate and inspire their new and existing audience. If interested, Apply Now.
  4. Kneat Solutions in Ireland jobs corner is looking for an experienced Remote Writer. Check out for the job and Apply Now.
  5. Dr. Akshay is looking for freelance writers that are experienced in Medical field. “I am looking for experts who have experience in medical writing background like research papers, content writing, research proposals, abstracts, article, review papers writing according to journal format. Email him for your application on alongside send him your WhatsApp number, Skype ID, your Experience, Types of writing, fields, and your samples. Let him know that Harry Wiz referred you. jobs corner. All the best.
content writer article writer
  1. Very basic tasks need to be performed at jobs corner. No special skills needed. NO Asia/South America etc. Send your bid Here
  2. A remote freelance Writer Needed possible long-term job offers. Send your samples to xtr… tell him, Harrison Wiz referred you from jobs corner. All the best.

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