The 4 Greatest Amazon Jobs to Start Today

4. Detailed Reporting

To ensure that your Amazon jobs on Audible are highly profitable, Amazon associates ensure that they provide very detailed reporting where you can easily monitor your progress.

You can see the clicks for your links, purchases made, and the amount of money you have. You can use the reporting to improve your earnings.

5. No landing page is needed

Suppose you have been in affiliate marketing for a long. In that case, you will realize that most affiliate links require landing pages for them to be advertised effectively but not for Amazon Associate affiliate programs.

Amazon jobs can be done without a landing page, yet there will be tangible results. 

amazon jobs

6. Easy to promote products

This is another great advantage of working with Audible. It is easy to start promoting your products after signing up with Amazon Associate program.

Choose an audible product that you want to promote at Associates Central. You will find the links, images, banners, HTML code, and other ads that you will use to promote your products for the Amazon jobs you are involved in. 

7. They pay well

It is awesome that you can earn up to $15 with the Audible Creator Program for simply referring people on the landing page of Audible who later sign up for a trial membership.

It is such easy. Your visitors don’t need to pay anything; as they sign up, they get a free audiobook. On the Audible Amazon Associates Program, you earn $5 for free sign-ups and trial membership. This is one of the greatest Amazon jobs to put your hands into. 

As you can see, Audible is a great platform that you can use to earn money from home with ease. So, why not try it out?   

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