The 4 Greatest Amazon Jobs to Start Today

b) Getting Amazon Jobs through Creator Program

Unlike the first method, which seemed complicated, the Creator Program method is relatively easy to sail through. Nevertheless, it pays much more than the first method.

In this Audible Creator Program, you earn $15 for every person who signs up for a trial membership. It is that simple. 

amazon jobs

With this Creator Program, there are for processes that are involved before you get your cash in your PayPal account:

  • Promote the 30-day trial program using a custom link that they will give – you will be given a custom link once you sign up for the affiliate program.
  • Listeners visit the Audible trial landing page using your link and your Amazon jobs start to bring in some cash
  • They give you a $15 commission for every person who signs up for the trial membership – it is not hard to convince even 10 to sign up to get a free audiobook
  • Your listeners or the ones that joined the trial membership start enjoying a free audiobook

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