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How Much Do You Earn with Audible through Amazon Associates Program?

As part of the multiple Amazon jobs, audible gives advertising fees to its associates like you who join Amazon Associates Program affiliate program.

Any visitor you direct to the Audible using your affiliate link and they sign up for any membership plan or they make a purchase on Amazon, will make part of your earnings. So, here are the membership plans:

  • Audible Gold Digital Membership – in this plan, you receive $10.00 for every visitor who subscribes to the Gold membership plan. The visitor will receive an audiobook every month for only $14.95 per month. When they want to purchase any other book, they receive a 30% commission. They can cancel any time. By then, you will have received your $10.
  • Audible Free Trial Digital Membership – this is the second membership plan on Audible that will make your Amazon jobs more profitable. Can you imagine that Audible pays you $5 for every person you refer to them and they do a free trial? In this free trial, the visitor gets two free audiobooks for free and after the expiry of the trial period, they can join the gold membership plan.
  • Audible Audiobook – in this plan, Audible pays you $0.50 for every visitor who purchases a book either separately or with a credit included in a membership plan. 
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From our experience, we think the last two plans are the best that will help you earn profitability with Amazon jobs. You will earn advertising fees for any signup or audiobook purchased on Audible.

You don’t need to have a landing page to get started. Nevertheless, a landing page could be a great way of getting started with your audible affiliate.

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