The 4 Greatest Amazon Jobs to Start Today

4. What is the best Kindle to buy?

As a reader of eBooks, there are various Amazon Kindles that you can use to make your reading experience better and of course, get better and more informative books.

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You can make Kindle part of your many Amazon jobs. To most people, the best kindle to buy is Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

The best premium Kindle is the Amazon Kindle Oasis; for the best budget kindle, many people go for Amazon Kindle, while Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is the best Kindle for children.

5. Is there a monthly fee for Kindle

Every Amazon Kindle reader should know they will be charged $9.99 monthly to access Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

The payment goes active once the trial period is over. That’s how you make your Amazon jobs even more profitable.

6. How much does Amazon charge to publish eBooks on Kindle?

As previously mentioned, Amazon does not charge you anything for publishing your book on their Kindle Direct Publishing platform. However, they pay you70% for every book you sell.

You will notice that most of the above questions are related to Kindle Readers, not for Publishers who are running their Amazon jobs.                                                         

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