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The Best 7 Easy Fiverr Gigs Examples in 2023

Easy Fiverr Gigs Examples in 2023

Did you know you can still earn with Fiverr as a beginner even when you don’t have skills? It may be puzzling, but people are making decent money with some easy Fiverr gigs examples.

People use various platforms to get freelance gigs, including Upwork, Freelancer, iWriter, People Per Hour, and many others. However, Fiverr freelance jobs remain the easiest for most people globally.

In this article, I will show you the easy Fiverr gigs examples you can start without experience. All you need is your smartphone or a computer and stable internet. Fiverr gigs examples await you, but are you ready to start earning?

easy Fiverr gigs that sell

As usual, we research and test any money-making idea on this website before presenting it. Therefore, as discussed in this article, we have tested these easy Fiverr gigs examples and found them true.

All you need is to put them into practice, and you will see your wallet becoming fat. We have seven easy Fiverr gigs examples in 2023, but before exploring them, let’s understand Fiverr. Shall we?

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Who is Fiverr?

If you are a freelancer constantly looking for new ideas to implement and make money online, you must have heard of Fiverr. We can describe this platform as an online marketplace that provides freelance services; easy Fiverr gigs examples.

Fiverr Freelance services are available worldwide and come in diverse languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Dutch. This online outsourcing platform is based in Israel. 

 Fiverr gigs examples

It has been in the market since 2010 when it was launched. Fiverr was founded by the one and only Micha Kaufman in collaboration with Shai Wininger. The idea for coming up with Fiverr was to have a buy-and-sell platform.

Since then, this online marketplace has grown enormously and has emerged as one of the best freelance marketplaces globally. Fiverr gigs examples and services include translation, transcribing, programming, writing, graphic design, etc.

The Growth of Fiverr

It is amazing how this Fiverr grew within three years. By 2012, the platform had over 1.3 million gigs. In 2013, it was ranked among the 100 most famous websites in the US. Besides, it was among the top 200 famous websites globally.

Of course, there have been ups and downs, especially on Fiverr freelancer jobs that many people offer. However, this freelance marketplace has remained committed to its goal.

By June 2019, Fiverr joined the NYSE, which perhaps made the company report revenue of $107.1 million in the same year. In addition, the company has acquired some other marketplaces like VeedMe, a video creation platform.

Fiverr has acquired other platforms, including AND CO, ClearVoice, and SLT Consulting, and the most recent acquisition is the Working Not Working marketplace. All these acquisitions have made Fiverr freelance gigs even more appealing.

easy Fiverr gigs that sell
Fiverr gigs examples

I know you could be wondering what are Fiverr gigs. Well, gigs is the term used in Fiverr to refer to small, usually one-time jobs. For example, it could be making a business card for a client, developing HTML or JavaScript, etc.

Although Fiverr has received criticism for neglecting freelancers’ rights at buyers’ expense, it is a good platform. It allows you to set the cost of your services depending on their complexity.

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Knowing what Fiverr freelance is all about, let’s dive into the seven easy Fiverr gigs that sell that you can start doing today and earn money. They don’t require any experience or special skills. So, are you ready? Just keep reading.

The 7 Easy Fiverr Gigs that Sell

What are some of the easiest Fiverr freelance jobs you can do and get paid for? Relax and review these seven easy Fiverr gigs examples; you will find one or two to start immediately. Okay?

1. Background Removal

I think this is one of the easiest Fiverr jobs for beginners. Before I knew it, removing the background on images could be one of the Fiverr freelance services I was already doing for my pictures. I never learned it from anywhere.

easy Fiverr gigs that sell
Fiverr gigs examples

That should tell you that you can also do it without any experience. I can refer to this as one of the Fiverr gigs examples for students who want extra cash in their pocket. Free platforms can remove the background and achieve the desired results.

Of course, some paid platforms specialize in removing background, but I present the free version of it in this article. Beautifully, these are the platforms I use daily without spending any money.

That means you can use the same platforms to offer easy Fiverr gigs examples to clients. Fortunately, some buyers who don’t know about background removers are looking for such services.

Why these tools?

These tools are the easiest to use; you don’t require any experience. I have been using Remove. Bg has been doing excellently for me. However, you may need to upgrade if you want your images in HD format.

A paid background remover that has also proven to be very useful to me is Canva. Beautifully, they give you a whole month for a trial. Moreover, you can refer your friends to Canva and get access to premium features.

easy Fiverr gigs that sell
Fiverr gigs examples

If you want to offer background removal as your Fiverr freelance gig, I think you have enough information to get started. Just use one of the above online tools. They are 100% automatic and free for use.

Tip: Use the free versions of these background removers and get their premium versions as you get some orders. One Bg remover may not do a good job, but the other will do. Canva premium can be a good option for your Fiverr freelance gig if you want to upgrade. 

2. Transcriptions

The next among the easy Fiverr gigs examples is transcribing. This refers to writing what you hear in an audio or video. Can you imagine how simple that can be? As you can see, sellers are selling this Fiverr freelance service.

The buyer usually sends you a video or audio file and instructions on what he wants. Then, you will download the audio and start writing what you hear in words. First, of course, it must be clear.

Some clients may want you to follow a certain format to transcribe their audio or videos. Such styles can be found on TranscribeMe, which specializes in transcription. This Fiverr gig usually pays very well because you are paid per audio minute.

When creating easy Fiverr gigs examples, you will categorize how much you charge for transcribing an audio minute. In addition, you can visit our article on the best real typing work to see how much you can get paid for transcribing.

 Fiverr gigs examples
Fiverr gigs examples

Many videos on YouTube can show you how to transcribe; watch them to get the required knowledge. 

Transcribing the Easy Way

If you are clueless about transcribing, upload the video or audio the client sent you on your YouTube channel. I presume that you have created a temporary YouTube channel as a freelancer. Read more on how to open a YouTube channel in one of our YouTube article guides.

After you have uploaded the audio on your channel, click on the Subtitles in the Youtube studio. You will see the version of the subtitle in English or any other language. Download the document. Would you mind going through it and correcting any mistake that has been made? 

The second way of transcribing your assigned Fiverr freelance gig is by visiting Google Drive on your browser or phone application. Then, open a black document under Google docs.

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The next step is to click the Tools button after opening the blank document. Under tools, you will see “Voice Typing.” Click on it, and a microphone will appear on your blank document.

Right here, you can change the language to suit the need of your client. Then let the audio play, and the microphone will capture the words and type them on your blank document. It is that simple. As you can see, no special skill is needed.

NOTE: Neither YouTube nor Google Docs is 100% accurate. So, you will need to go through correcting what was captured wrongly.

3. PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are one of the third easy Fiverr gigs examples to start today. If you already have a computer, you must have explored PowerPoint MS. The essence of this is to make understandable presentations. 

You will be surprised to know that most employees, especially in the United States, must present their reports in presentations. Moreover, some lecturers require their students to do presentations.

Most of these people are busy making presentations for their reports. And that’s where you come in. They will storm Fiverr looking for PowerPoint presentation freelancers. That’s how cash flows.

easy Fiverr gigs that sell
Fiverr gigs examples

You don’t have to be an expert in PowerPoint because I have the easiest way to do it for you. But first, you need to visit a site called Slides CarnivalThis is the website for most people offering these easy Fiverr gigs examples.

On this website, you get free PPT templates that are themed per your requirements. You can easily customize the PPT to suit what the client wants. You select by color, creative, format, inspirational, business, etc.

Tip: Don’t just use the templates given, be somehow creative and come up with something attractive. With Slides Carnival; you are ready to start making money with your Fiverr Freelance job.

4. Offering Branding Services

Did you know that you offer branding services as a gig on Fiverr? I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have any skill in branding.” But relax; we promise you all these easy Fiverr gigs examples. 

In this Fiverr freelance gig, you will make logos and business names for people. You don’t need to be an expert to do that. We got you covered with easy and free logo-making tools that guarantee excellent logos for your client. 

You can use any of these three platforms to make professional names:

Some people want to start businesses but only know what they want to sell. However, they have not found the right name for their business. They are looking for you to help them create a unique name.

easy Fiverr gigs that sell
Fiverr gigs examples

You enter their idea, and the above tools will generate your business name. Others, like Shopify, will even give you a corresponding domain for the business. The same case for BNG; they have linked their names with GoDaddy domains. 

I loved Namelix because it allows you to select either short, medium, or long names. Besides, it allows you to select the style. This is one of the easy Fiverr gigs examples.

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There are various styles, including brandable names, multiple words, misspellings, Foreign words, compound words, rhyming words, real words, and person names. It will then develop the name and its suitable logo.

Note: Short business names are usually attractive and are brandable easily. However, that will depend on the taste of your client. In your Fiverr freelance service, equate your price to the number of words in the business name. 

6. Subtitling

Easy Fiverr gigs examples cannot be completed without offering gigs related to subtitling. Some websites like RevCaption and TranscribeMe may have high standards for joining them, but you can start your easy Fiverr gigs examples as a captioner.

Your work in this gig will be to write captions for videos. It is more like transcription, but this one, you do it on videos. The words must be well-timed to match the speed of the speaker. 

easy Fiverr gigs that sell
Fiverr gigs examples

It is easy; you don’t need any experience to crack this gig. Like in transcription, you can upload the video you are subtitling on YouTube and then download the subtitles. Then you edit them and make them accurate.

The other method is using a platform called OpenShot. This platform is renowned and an award-winning Windows, Linux, and Mac video editor. That means no matter the MS PC version you use, OpenShot is there for you.

Its features include trimming and slicing, animation, keyframes, unlimited tracks, video effects, a title editor, 3D animations, Audio Waveforms, 70+ languages, slow motion, and a simple user interface. This is one of the easy Fiverr gigs that sell.

Note: You may need to download the video editor to your PC. Nevertheless, it is easy to use; you will not require any skills to operate it.

7. Making eBooks Uneditable

Finally, we have this gig for Fiverr that is not so common but highly in demand. It is an upcoming Fiverr freelance gig that is becoming popular daily, especially due to the introduction of eBooks.

Every eBook owner is looking for a way to make their books uneditable, and why will they not look out for you to do the job for them? You will need a Fiverr profile so they can contact you.

 Fiverr gigs examples
Fiverr gigs examples

Fortunately, you will scoop their money easily without using much of your efforts. Besides, no experience or skill is needed to do this job. You will use Caliber eBook Management software to lock these eBooks.

This software has all you need to make it possible for you to earn handsomely. I searched for easy Fiverr gigs examples and never found them on the website. So I will do this, and I will be back with the results.

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Note: I hope to leverage this new Fiverr gig idea and start earning using it. You can also do the same but start with the above that we tested to be true and high earning

The above are some of the best ideas to practice and improve your world with extra cash. As you can see, no experience, money, or skills are needed to do these easy Fiverr gigs examples.

Let’s wrap up this journey by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Fiverr. Shall we?

Frequently Asked Questions on Fiverr gigs examples

What Can I do on Fiverr with no skills?

From what we have discussed above, there are various gigs you can do on Fiverr without having skills. Some include transcribing, subtitling, removing backgrounds from images, making intros and outro clips, making eBooks uneditable, and offering branding services.

amazon remote jobs, video captions, easy Fiverr gigs that sell
easy Fiverr gigs that sell

What is the easiest gig on Fiverr?

It all depends on your preference and likes. But one of the easy Fiverr gigs that sell is removing background from images. At least, I have shown you the platforms to use to remove the background professionally for free.

How do I start Fiverr with no experience?

Starting Fiverr with no experience is simple, create an account for free with Fiverr and create a gig with them. After a few hours, they will approve it. Then, create your Fiverr freelance gig using any of the seven ways discussed in this article. So, how do I start working on Fiverr? First, follow the Fiverr gigs examples above.

Which skill is the best for freelancing on Fiverr?

From experience, generally, any trending skill in the market can be best for this platform. Some people make thousands of dollars with writing, programming, designing, virtual assistant, and simple skills like the abovementioned ones. Typically, any skill can be the best for freelancing on Fiverr, but the above is the easy Fiverr gigs examples.

Here are some easy Fiverr gigs examples in 2023: 1. Background Removing 2. Transcription 3. Presentations 4. Branding 5. Subtitling
Fiverr gigs examples

How do you make money on Fiverr?

The first step involves creating a free account on Fiverr. It takes minutes. Verify the account using the email sent to you, and start making Fiverr gigs. In the gigs, you upload what you are offering. The seven Fiverr gigs examples discussed in this article can be your starting point.

Is Fiverr good for beginners?

Fiverr is made for beginners and experts alike. If you are a beginner with no skills or experience, you can still earn on Fiverr. You can start by posting and removing background from image gigs. That one will not require any skill, and beautifully, beginners are using it to make money. 

What kind of jobs are on Fiverr?

There are thousands, if not millions, of jobs on Fiverr, including translating, transcribing, writing, programming, designing, web development, image background removal, editing, etc. Jobs on Fiverr are usually referred to as gigs. Many freelancers have posted gigs waiting for buyers to contact them. But, of course, no matter the gig you post, you will get an interested buyer.

How does Fiverr Work?

Unlike most freelancing platforms that don’t allow you to post what you are offering and the subscription plans for each set of skills, Fiverr gives you such an opportunity. The freelancer posts what they are offering, and the buyer contacts them, pays, and the contract commences. Once the buyer is satisfied, the money is released, and they review the freelancer. Upwork has now adopted the same routine as Fiverr.

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Final Words

Fiverr gigs examples are here to stay, and as long as the level of technology continues to increase, there will be people who want some assistance in one area or another. So that’s where you will come up and solve their needs.

The first step begins with you creating a free Fiverr account, then posting your gig, delivering the quality needed, and you get paid. You don’t need complex skills or experience to get Fiverr money. The above seven Fiverr gigs examples will work magic for you. So, get it started today.

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