The Best 7 Easy Fiverr Gigs Examples in 2023

6. Subtitling

Easy Fiverr gigs examples cannot be completed without offering gigs related to subtitling. Some websites like RevCaption and TranscribeMe may have high standards for joining them, but you can start your easy Fiverr gigs examples as a captioner.

Your work in this gig will be to write captions for videos. It is more like transcription, but this one, you do it on videos. The words must be well-timed to match the speed of the speaker. 

easy Fiverr gigs that sell
Fiverr gigs examples

It is easy; you don’t need any experience to crack this gig. Like in transcription, you can upload the video you are subtitling on YouTube and then download the subtitles. Then you edit them and make them accurate.

The other method is using a platform called OpenShot. This platform is renowned and an award-winning Windows, Linux, and Mac video editor. That means no matter the MS PC version you use, OpenShot is there for you.

Its features include trimming and slicing, animation, keyframes, unlimited tracks, video effects, a title editor, 3D animations, Audio Waveforms, 70+ languages, slow motion, and a simple user interface. This is one of the easy Fiverr gigs that sell.

Note: You may need to download the video editor to your PC. Nevertheless, it is easy to use; you will not require any skills to operate it.

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