The Best 7 Easy Fiverr Gigs Examples in 2023

2. Transcriptions

The next among the easy Fiverr gigs examples is transcribing. This refers to writing what you hear in an audio or video. Can you imagine how simple that can be? As you can see, sellers are selling this Fiverr freelance service.

The buyer usually sends you a video or audio file and instructions on what he wants. Then, you will download the audio and start writing what you hear in words. First, of course, it must be clear.

Some clients may want you to follow a certain format to transcribe their audio or videos. Such styles can be found on TranscribeMe, which specializes in transcription. This Fiverr gig usually pays very well because you are paid per audio minute.

When creating easy Fiverr gigs examples, you will categorize how much you charge for transcribing an audio minute. In addition, you can visit our article on the best real typing work to see how much you can get paid for transcribing.

 Fiverr gigs examples
Fiverr gigs examples

Many videos on YouTube can show you how to transcribe; watch them to get the required knowledge. 

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