How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022 | Top 9 Ways

3. Selling your products

The third way you can use to make money from Pinterest without a blog is by selling your products either virtually or physically. The beauty of Pinterest is that it allows you to focus on your location using related words and hashtags.

1. Supply to your locals

You can even take a video of how you bake the cakes, and how you do the icing and package them. You then upload the video showing them the packed cakes and their prices. Cake lovers will definitely place orders.

make money from Pinterest

2. Make products using Spring

If you are doing business globally, then you may need an online shop. The best platforms to host your shop on are Shopify or Etsy.

You can be creating some t-shirts on the Spring website (Formerly TeeSpring) and post their images on Etsy, Shopify shop, and Pinterest.

Assuming you are running a cake business in your locality, you will be getting orders from the people around you. You can put your phone number so that anyone interested in your products can call you and you deliver to them.

Anyone who clicks on the images you have posted on Pinterest is directed to the Shopify or Etsy shop. You will link your pins with the link to your store or shop on Shopify or Etsy. 

The beauty of Spring is that it fulfills the order on your behalf. It prints the design and directly ships it to your customers.

Then they send you your share. Your work is just to design the t-shirts, hoods, caps, or any product. In our article about home-based businesses to start today, we have explained more about Spring.


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