How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022 | Top 9 Ways

How to Make Money From Pinterest With Affiliate Links

1. Create or Log in to your Pinterest Account

Now that you have known the sources of our affiliate links, you are probably wondering what next. Well, head over to Pinterest and create an account with them which will take you a few minutes. 

make money from Pinterest

2. Make Pins Using Canva

Where do I get the pins? Head over to Canva; I have been using it since I can remember. It has the best dimensions needed by Pinterest to rank your pins. You can search for Pinterest Poster and the various dimensions as per Pinterest requirements will be displayed.

The next thing is to upload an image and add some text to your pin. After you are done, download the PNG.

I recommend making a business Pinterest account for you to see the analytics of how your pins are doing and the source of your traffic. It is very important to do that. Complete the profile, create boards and start uploading your pins.

3. Upload the Pin on Pinterest

Then upload it on Pinterest as your pin. Write the title of your pin, a description, ALT text, and hashtags. Remember, the title should be appealing to the viewer to match your beautiful pin.

4. Add a Description, ALT Text, and Hashtags

A great way to know what people are searching for on Pinterest is by typing a word or two in the search bar and Pinterest will give you suggestions. Those suggestions are a great way of knowing what is trending.

make money from Pinterest

Copy those suggestions and come up with a great title and description. Remember to get the hashtags either from Pinterest Hashtag generators on Google or from other pinners who are doing what you are doing.

NOTE: Make your pins attractive and eye-catching. Use great colors and weird headings that create curiosity in the viewer. Remember to explore what other pinners in the same field are doing and get an idea of what to do on your pins.

5. Paste the affiliate link in the website field

Finally, link the pin to the affiliate link you got from either the affiliate networks, affiliate programs, or the CPA networks. That will act as your landing page once someone clicks on your pins. Whenever they buy, sign up, or complete an offer, you will get paid. That’s how to make money from Pinterest using affiliate marketing.


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