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How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022 | Top 9 Ways

6. Through Shop the Look pins

In this sixth method to make money on Pinterest without a blog, you will need to have a business account. Of course, we told you to create that from the beginning; easy to do.

The next thing is to create Shop the Look pins. What does that mean? You could be wondering. Shop the Look pins is a way many influencers and pinners use to promote what they wear. 

make money from Pinterest

For example, they could take a picture wearing a certain shoe design, suit, dress, cloth, necklace, t-shirts, jewelry, and any other thing. The item you tag on your pin will feature a blue dot. 

The viewer may click on the dot and end up purchasing the product. When they shop you get your share. It is less similar to affiliate marketing although, this one is for individual pins for a particular celeb.

NOTE: At least, you need to have some followers, be a celeb or an influencer who people view as their idol or model. Only at that point will make money from Pinterest using Shop the Look pins profitably. 

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