How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022 | Top 9 Ways

8. Starting a Pinterest course 

Of course, you will charge some enrolment fee for people to value your knowledge. That is how you make money from Pinterest with a course.

Perhaps you started as a virtual assistant and helped some influencers go viral. That is a good thing to put in a lesson and teach people how you did it. 

make money from Pinterest

After you have been on this platform and have made money from Pinterest for years and gaining extensive experience on this social media platform, you can decide to nurture the upcoming generation through a Pinterest course.

You can come up with eBooks & courses and upload them on Pinterest pins, Udemy or Amazon. Learn more on making money with Amazon Kindle and Audible as part of Amazon remote jobs in our article. 

You will end up inspiring newbies who want to become like you. So, let your Pinterest knowledge pay you.

NOTE: Offer quality to the students who will sign up for your course. You don’t have to charge too high; after all, you want to inspire someone to reach your level. However, if you are offering real value, don’t just give it out cheaply.


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