How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022 | Top 9 Ways

7. Monetizing your skill

Let’s assume that you are a good singer or a woodworker who is experienced and perfect in what you do. You can be making money from Pinterest by posting your Woodwork or singing using the pin videos or pictures.

There are marketable skills on Pinterest that you can learn over time and acquire the necessary skills. If you are good at singing and composing songs, you can create a podcast and monetize it.

make money from Pinterest

Another great skill you can acquire and start making money from Pinterest is calligraphy. A company or an individual can reach out to you after seeing your work on Pinterest. You can be making signs or some fancy letters for them. 

Other people have learned how to take photos and ended up selling them on various websites. Read our article on how to sell feet pictures and make money on stock photo websites. This could be what you needed to make money from Pinterest.

Some people have presented their expertise in crocheting using pins and have been hired to crochet hats and scarves for people. Focus not only on making money from Pinterest but also on gaining a skill.

NOTE: Learning takes time but, eventually, it will pay you decently. Ensure you learn what you love doing, and after you have mastered it, showcase your skills on Pinterest. This is a great way to make money from Pinterest after learning from the same platform.


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