How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022 | Top 9 Ways

2. Curating a board with a famous brand

I will be brief on this one because it is mostly for those pinners who have thousands of followers hence attracting major brands.

So, this may not be the right way to make money from Pinterest as a newbie; of course, we all start from somewhere and you will one day grow to such levels where you will attract brands.

In this method, the brand usually pays you for creating a board for them. The brand pays a flat fee to you to keep you going. Besides getting paid by the company, you end up getting more followers.

make money from Pinterest

Since people are searching for the brand, they will land on the brand’s board on your account. As they interact with the board, they end up following you. The company you are creating the board for must be in the field of your content.

NOTE: This way of making money from Pinterest requires you to have thousands of followers and good traffic from high-end countries. Continue adding pins and one day you will be curating a board for a famous brand.


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