How to Make Money From Pinterest Without a Blog in 2022 | Top 9 Ways

4. Doing Joint Promotions

Of course, they will give you a link to the landing page that they want customers to visit. There are various brands you can work with however, your content must be related to whichever brand you are promoting.

NOTE: You must be having thousands of followers and be experienced in creating awesome pins that will attract customers to the promoted pin. The brand placement, design, and concept of the pin must be well-articulated for you to make money from Pinterest using joint promotions. 

5. Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

You will be surprised to know that most people have created gigs on platforms like Fiverr where they are looking for someone to hire them as Pinterest virtual assistants.

make money from Pinterest

If you cannot do affiliate marketing, sell your products, or don’t want to create your Pinterest account, you can become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Your work will be to help bloggers and influencers make money from Pinterest by optimizing their pins and the entire account.

In this case, you work hand in hand with the brand you are promoting. For example, a company like NetFlix can reach out to you and tell you to create a pin titled “The Best 5 Movies You Should Not Miss This Summer”. 

You could be doing things like creating pins, keyword researching, scheduling using Tailwind, creating sales funnel, running promoted pins, and such tasks. With this kind of job, you will be flexible to do other things; you are not limited.

That means you can have a couple of clients at the same time and make money from Pinterest without hassles. So, how much do Pinterest virtual assistants make? Well, somewhere between $500 to $800 per month; good money. 

NOTE: You must be proficient and experienced in Pinterest. You need to give value to your clients and enable them to rank on Pinterest and search engines. So, embrace this way of making money from Pinterest wholeheartedly. 


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