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The Best Real Typing Work in 2022: Video Captions

The Best Real Typing Work for You in 2022

Today we are going to look at something quite interesting, simple, and well-paying at the same time. The internet is now paying you for real typing working not for writing articles or reviews but for writing what you hear in a short video clip. That’s what we call video captions.

Working from home has now been simplified and it is left for you to take action through the many ideas we share with you on this platform. We understand that there are many scams when it comes to data entry and online jobs but we have found real typing work for you.

real typing work

As you know on this website, we test and approve every website before writing about it. If it is a scam, we expose it and help you from being scammed. Besides, if it is a legit website, we let you know. Today, we have a legit website that pays you for real typing work. It all depends on your speed.

So, which is this website? Why did we choose it over the rest? How can you boost your earnings with it? Well, all your questions will be answered in this post. The website that is giving you real typing work is called Rev. We have tested it and proven it to be very genuine. So, let’s get down to business.

What is Rev?

Well, Rev is a startup that is based in two major cities namely San Francisco and Austin. However, it offers its services remotely. They are in constant search of enthusiastic and very well-talented people like you who can help them create various work opportunities like real typing work for millions of people across the globe.

real typing work

You can join their team as a freelancer and start earning from home by doing simple gigs that you only do when you are free. You can join Rev as a transcriptionist, Captioner, or maybe a Translator. It all depends on what you want from them. In this article, however, we are focusing on being a captioner where you type what you hear. So, how do you become a captioner?

How to Start Your Real Typing Work as a Captioner

To become a captioner with Rev, you will need to register with them, which we will discuss later. This platform has over 50,000 professionals who are ready to work as captioners, transcriptionists, or translators.

That tells you that you have to be diligent and efficient in your work to maintain the quality of work needed. As the client sends the files that need to be captioned, Rev depends on you to provide real typing work of captions to the videos even if they have poor audio quality, multiple speakers, and diverse accents.

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But you don’t have to worry because we noticed that the videos are very clear. Besides, Rev will not assign you a task that is in a different accent than the one you have indicated that you are comfortable with. So, you will have an easy time on this website.

real typing work

From what Rev has promised its clients, you will need to deliver 99% accurate standard in your real typing working of captioning. They have a team of reviewers who work closely with you to ensure that the client’s files sent to you are delivered on time. So how do you join the platform?

How to Join Rev as a Captioner?

As mentioned earlier, this platform offers several real typing work and services to their clients including transcribing for them, writing video captions for them, and teaching foreign languages. It all depends on what you are looking for.

When you visit the Rev website, scroll down and you will see “become a freelancer”. Hit on the “learn more” and you will be directed to a page where you sign up to be a Rev Freelancer. One thing we noticed with Rev is that they don’t accept freelancers from certain countries.

However, if you are from the developed countries, you are in for great and real typing work on Rev. To become a captioner on Rev, you will go through three simple steps:

Step 1: Take a Quick Quiz

For this website to determine whether you have a good grasp of English, they will need you to complete a simple quick quiz. This is where they get to know your command of English and other grammar skills. If you want their real typing work, you need to demonstrate that you are almost a native English speaker; I mean, present the best of you.

Step 2: Submit your sample

real typing work

The next step to becoming a captioner on Rev is to submit either your transcriptionist or caption samples. Of course, they will need this to see how good you are at what you do. They will review your samples very well to ensure to aligns with the quality expectations of their customers. We usually advise that you send the best of your caption video if at all you want to secure real typing work with Rev.

Step 3: Registering

This is conditional. You only get to register on this website if your samples in step 2 above have been approved. If you send your best caption samples, you will be approved. After you register, you can start earning with Rev right from your couch.

There are hundreds of caption jobs that you can choose from once you have been approved. You just need to select real typing work and jobs that you are interested in and get to work depending on your schedule.

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It is good to note that as a captioner, you will be exposed to a range of various captioning jobs which sometimes range from captioning YouTube Videos, which are the most popular, to writing some closed captions for movies and other leading brands.

Are you still wondering why you should join real typing work as a caption on Rev? Well, perhaps the next section will convince you more.

Why Should You Become a Rev Captioner?

1. Unlimited Work Available and Trustworthy

If you have noticed, you will realize that the marketing world is slowly turning its marketing strategies into short clips. That’s why you will see many video ads on YouTube and that’s how many people are making money on YouTube. This tells us that, there are multiple chances and real typing work on the ground waiting for you to become a captioner. That further should help you understand that you will be having a steady flow of income. Everyone wants the flow of dollars, right?

real typing work

2. Easy and free to Join

You read above how easy it is to join Rev as a captioner. You don’t need to be a guru or an online expert to join Rev. The website requires captioners, transcriptionists, or translators to go through three steps; take a quiz, upload your samples, and get approved, as easy as ABC. So, what are you waiting for, have you joined? After you are approved, which usually takes few days, you will access gigs.

3. They Pay you weekly via PayPal

We all love PayPal money. Now you can get involved in real typing work today and watch dollars flow into your PayPal account every Monday. The commitment of Rev to their freelancers is on another level. They keep to their promises; they pay you for all the audio and video files you have completed in the previous week. Rev is known to be dependable and on time always.

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4. They Pay well

Of course, they will not pay you $1000 for a one-minute video caption, unless you are such a lucky baby. Well, even if you were born on Friday, Rev is not a get-rich-quick scam, they allow you to watch your income grow. Averagely, you can earn up to $240 per month, but if you are fully dedicated and experienced, you can make up to $1570 per month. They pay you $0.54 to $1.10 per audio or video minute.

5. Choose what to work on

The beauty of real typing work as a captioner on Rev is that they give you the liberty of choosing what to work on. Since there is a variety of captioning gigs available, you are left to choose the one that suits you best. You can pick from educational videos, TV shows, YouTube cooking Videos, Movies, Christian videos, and many others. The choice is yours.

6. Choose your schedule

Besides choosing what to work on, Rev allows you to choose when to work. That explains why some are earning $240 while others are earning over $1500 per month doing the same real typing work. With Rev, you can work as much as you want or as few hours as you want. Work whenever you feel like it.

real typing work

7. No experience or special qualifications

And why are they asking me for the previous real typing work samples as a captioner? Well, that is just to see how well you can caption the words in the clip and your command of English language skills. You can be a complete beginner who just captioned a video clip for the first time and you will be approved as long as you are good in English.

I know you are now fully convinced that you need this typing work on Rev. But you could be wondering what do I need to get started? Well, let me explain that briefly.

What You Need to Be a Rev Captioner

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of joining Rev, the next thing in your mind could be revolving around the essentials of starting this real typing work with Rev. Here is what you need:

1. A computer

You cannot do video captions on your phone and that means you will need a laptop or a desktop computer. Of course, it should be fast enough and free from viruses so that your audios or videos are submitted in their right quality.

2. Internet Connection

Well, you may not need a very strong internet connection like the one required when tutoring students on Cambly, but you need a stable connection to do the job. You will need to log in to your dashboard to get the available jobs and work on them. Therefore, this is a crucial requirement for this job.

real typing work

3. Good Command of English

If you are good at verbal and non-verbal English skills then you are qualified for this job. This kind of real typing work will require you to be good in writing skills. Besides, you will need to be keen, pay attention to details, and a good listener. Those are the skills that will make you a better captioner on Rev.

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Typically, that’s all you need to get started. Let’s wrap this journey by taking you through some of the frequently asked questions on Rev captioning. Shall we?

Frequently Asked Questions on Rev Captioners

1. What does captioning mean on Rev?

In simple words, captioning refers to the act of creating texts based on what you hear in a video or audio clip. Although captioners major in typing the words, they are also responsible for describing the sound effects and background music that matches the words to enable viewers or listeners to understand fully what the clip is all about. They are also to time the texts properly with the audio in the video.

2. What does Rev Captioners do?

After you are given access to hundreds of customer videos that require captioning, you can easily claim on any job that twinkles your fancy as long as you will deliver it according to the Rev requirements for any freelancing job.

For every real typing work, be it a video or audio, you will see the content of the clip, the pay, and the deadline. That guides you on which job to take depending on your schedule. As mentioned earlier, you will capture the words, effects, music, and lyrics that are in the file.

real typing work

3. What are some of the requirements of becoming a Rev Captioner?

One of the obvious requirements is having a good grasp of the English language. Secondly, you must capture the words, music, effects, and everything clearly and accurately. With Rev, accuracy is the backbone of every real typing work requested by their clients.

That explains why they have to take you through a grammar quiz and request you to send your past samples. They give you clear guidelines of which you are to follow when writing your captions so that you deliver the content as per the customer’s expectations. You don’t need any experience or some special qualifications. Just fulfill the above and you will start real typing work with Rev.

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4. What Equipment do I need?

Well, as per Rev requirements, you just need a laptop or desktop computer and a stable internet connection. Some captioners decide to complete their captioning jobs on the internet hence the need for a reliable internet connection. You cannot use your smartphone or your tablet.

5. What are your requirements for the real typing work samples you need?

This website just requires you to follow their guidelines so that you can present the right sample that is accurate. If you fail to meet their requirements, they will not accept you on their platform. You should use the United States spelling when typing, you describe the sound effects, the music, and be timely in captioning the words.

6. What are the Downsides of Rev?

Well, from our experience on this website, we noticed two major and one minor disadvantages of Rev. First, they don’t allow captioners from certain countries especially third world countries. But, if you are from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and other developed countries, you will have no problem with Rev.

Secondly, they only pay using PayPal. So, if you are in a country that does not allow PayPal payment method, you will not earn with Rev. Perhaps that’s why they limit their real typing work to the developed countries that allow PayPal payment methods.

real typing work

Finally, we noticed that you cannot access the website contents like the customers jobs until you are approved. This is unlike websites like Voices which allows you to see what clients want even before you get approved. Nevertheless, this is just a minor disadvantage; just register with Rev to access their real typing work.

7. How much will I get paid as a video Captioner?

Well, they have a very attractive package for the right candidates, you just need to present your work according to their guidelines and requirements. As of the time of writing this article, Rev captioners were getting $0.54 to around $1.10 per audio or video minute they do captioning including music, effects, and everything.

That could be the reason they wrote that on average, their captioners earn up to $240 per month, but if you are fully dedicated and experienced, you can make up to $1570 per month. So, how much are you willing to make?


What else do you want to know to start earning with real typing work as a Rev captioner? We have given you all the information you need to kickstart your journey. Beautifully, in all these, you don’t need any money; it is free to sign up. Why not try out this work-from-home idea today? Will you?


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