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Earn From Home Easy $300 Per Hour For Just Reading in 2022

Earn From Home With Your Voice in 2022

What if I tell you that you can earn big by simply using your cute voice? Some people and brands are paying handsomely to hear your voice. We all do speak daily but this time, you will earn from home by either reading a story, an advert or broadcasting a videogame.  

earn from home and

I just mentioned a few things that you can do with your voice but there literally multiple tasks that you can complete on this amazing website and pocket your money. You don’t have to be a guru or trained as a broadcaster or reporter to perform the tasks. It is your cute voice they need.

As usual, on Work From Home Jobs, we only present to you the tasks and websites that we have researched and found to be true. That means, if you put the necessary effort into this website, you will earn from home over $300 per hour effortless.

So, what do you need to get started? What are some of the tips to earn more? Well, we that and much more in this post that will answer all your questions and thrust you to earn from home status. Let’s get this show on the road and learn more.

What You Need to Get Started

To earn from home on this website, you will need a few things that will boost your earnings daily. Of course, everyone wants quality and the following tools will make your voice high quality.

1. A microphone

A boom microphone could be one of the most important gadgets you will need to accomplish this task and earn from home on this great website. Remember you are being paid for your voice and the clearer it is, the better for you and your clients.

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Beautifully, you don’t have to empty your account to get a good microphone that will capture your voice without background noise. Visit one of the online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, and other eCommerce platforms and you will get quite affordable boom mics.

2. A laptop or desktop

earn from home and

Well, you will need a computer to access the tasks easily and record your voice properly. Of, course the boom mic will need a computer that has audio record software. However, I have seen people who did not have a laptop to do the job yet they recorded very beautiful audios and got money to buy a computer.

3. A good phone

If you lack all of the above, you should at least have a mobile phone; either Android or iOS can do the job. If you don’t have a computer, then you need to invest in having a great phone that can record clear audios if you want to earn from home. Many are using their phones and they are making cash. So, the absence of a microphone or computer should not be a limiting factor in this job.

4. Internet

Finally, you will need to have some internet connection to upload your audios for your clients. Besides, you will need the internet to access the website and the jobs. Typically, having the internet is a must in any work from home job because most of the time you are online contacting your clients.

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Now that you have all the gadgets needed, the next thing is to earn from home. So, what is the name of this website that pays you for your voice? Well, the website is known as Let’s known more about this website.

Who is is one of the best online marketplaces where you can do your voice-over and get paid when a client likes your voice. Someone could be asking, what is a voice-over? Well, a voice-over is narration audio that is presented by a voice actor like you for certain production or project.

earn from home and

It is the voice-over that is used in marketing, learning, broadcasting, advertising, and even gaming to catch the attention of the client’s audience. If you are to earn from home, you will need to produce very high-quality voiceovers. Remember there are other voice actors in the market.

A good voice-over will effectively and convey the client’s intended message in the appropriate tone, spelling, words, and style. The voice-over delivery must be clear to fathom, enjoyable to the ear, and typically aligned with the brand.

Now you can understand why you need the above tools in your house if you are to produce an outstanding voice-over. If you have an African, Indian, or any accent, don’t worry, some specific people want voice actors from your accent. Don’t pretend to be who you are not.

How to Join

Joining this platform is simple, you just need to visit official website and click on the menu. Then click sign up. You will be given two options to either Hire talents for your projects or Find work as a talent. Of course, we are there to earn from home and so the second option fits us the best.

Earn from home

After selecting the second option, proceed to fill the required details and complete your profile. Upload your voice over demos and start applying for the jobs. When you select the jobs icon on your dashboard you will see all the listed jobs. So, how do you join

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the menu tab on top if on mobile device
  3. Click sign up
  4. Select the second option “Find Work as a Talent”.
  5. Fill all the details needed.
  6. Upload your voice demos
  7. Start sending your applications to the provided jobs.

Why Choose

1. It is trusted by major brands

earn from home and

You could be the lucky one and find your voice being useful to brands like Shopify, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Los Angeles Times, Cisco, and others. has been the world’s number one marketplace for all professional voiceovers. Perhaps that’s why they are trusted by these major brands. Why not upload your voice today and stand a chance of becoming Microsoft’s voice actor?

2. It is free

My friend, you don’t have to pay anything to have your voice exposed to thousands of clients. I know some platforms will require you to pay to earn from home but not for; they are there to help you become the voice actor you have always wanted to be.

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3. Very easy to navigate

You don’t need to be a guru on the internet to start using Their dashboard is quite self-explanatory. You will need to sign up for free, complete your profile, set up your payment method, upload your voice, start bidding, and earn from home whenever your bid goes through. It is that simple. No writing skills are needed, no sample articles are needed, you just need to upload your voice.

4. High-quality employers

I am talking of real employers who are interested in your voice. They know how much your voice is worth and they will pay you for that. Just as the platform is full of high-quality voice actors, so are the clients. You will not get clients who will start holding your money or not paying you.

earn from home and

5. Pays handsomely

As we said in our topic, you earn from home over $300 per hour directly into your PayPal using their SurePay system. That should tell you that pays very well for their voice actors. You will be surprised to notice jobs that are paying over $1000 for recording your voice for 10 minutes. This thing is real my friend. If you need money, is there for you.

How much you are paid depends on several factors like the length of the script, the category of the job, and the accent you use in presenting the script. For example, for a native English speaker who chooses a script in the TV category, their voiceover will be paid more compared to an African English speaker. However, some clients want an African English speaker; so, it should never worry you.

6. Various categories

Irrespective of which field you are a professional in, you will have a job to do. There are some top categories like Animation, Business, Educational, Internet Video, and Video Games which pays better and have more clients.

earn from home and
earn from home with

If that never satisfied you, you can choose the kind of job to do depending on their styles like Approachable, Authentic, Conversational, Friendly, and Believable style. Also, you can choose your jobs based on the roles like being a Narrator, Announcer, Businessman, Story Teller, or Instructor.

Finally, if you are bilingual, you have a diversity of languages to choose from including English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. That means to earn from home opportunities are so many; you just need to choose the one that suits you best.  

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Having known why is the best voice-over platform, what will increase your chances of winning bids and consequently earning more? Keep reading.

How to Earn More on

Many high earners on will never want you to know how they are making such huge sums of dollars. But we are here to exactly unveil the secret to you. Here are the things you should do to increase your chances to earn from home on

1. Focus on Audiobooks

I know many voice actors will jump to TV and Radio scripts and ignore audiobooks. However, they end up being discouraged because there are better TV actors who are well-known. That means, it is rare to get a bid as a TV actor. However, if you are lucky enough, you could get a bid.

earn from home and

This time around, I want you to focus on audiobooks, you just need to read the book fluently in the language you chose and you will get your money. Many people want audiobooks to either sell them on Amazon or Udemy. And your chances of getting a client in this field are quite high. The books could be storybooks, financial books, love books, relationship books, etc.

2. Focus on Videogames

We previously mentioned that one of the top categories that have the most jobs is video games. If you are not a fan of storybooks and audiobooks, then you have video games that are both entertaining and high-earning. To be successful in and earn from home, go video games. These two categories will make you good money.

3. Work on Your Profile

Your profile tells the client how well-equipped you are to handle their work. You will need to complete your profile and make it look attractive. Include your experience and typically who you are. Also, let the clients know why they should choose you over other voice actors. To make your profile great, search for a voice actor who is successful on and copy their profile formats. It is that simple.

4. Bid for every job

earn from home and
earn from home with

Remember other voice actors want the job as much as you do. That means the more jobs you apply the higher the chances of being chosen. You don’t need many jobs to make your first $1000. Since the jobs pay very well, one good job will make you good money.

5. Be friendly to the clients

After you land your first job, you need to deal with your clients professionally. Mind the way you are talking to them. We always advise voice actors to be friendly and supportive all through. That will play a major role in whether they will choose you next time. Build long-term friendships and partnerships.

6. Provide high-quality work

Of course, this is the essence of landing your dream job. As we mentioned earlier, is trusted by major brands like Microsoft and that means they need very high-quality voice actors. Don’t focus on money solely but on the quality of the job you do. You will be surprised to see them hiring you the second time if your work was professionally done.

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7. Upgrade your membership

Now, does not require you to upgrade your membership to either Premium or Platinum plan. However, you may need to upgrade your membership if you are looking to earn from home as a professional voice actor.

The chances of being invited as a Guest Member are minimal and your profile will rarely be shown to the public. That’s why most voice actors prefer upgrading their accounts to either Premium Membership which only costs $499 per year or Platinum Membership which costs $2,999 per year.

earn from home and
earn from home with

Each of these plans has its benefits. After you have earned your Guest Membership Plan which is free, you can subscribe to any of the other plans to get more chances to earn from home using your voice. That’s what many professional voice actors are doing on this platform.

I am sure you are now properly equipped to earn from home easily on As you can see, it is quite simple to make your first 1000 dollars working from home. Put into application that which you have learned in this article and you will surely get the results. The ball is now in your court, take action today.


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