The 4 Greatest Amazon Remote Jobs to Start Today

Top Amazon Remote Jobs for You in 2022

Remote jobs are increasingly becoming popular and many individuals across the globe are enjoying working from home on various websites. Unlike the night to five routines that most people are involved in, working from home is more flexible since one works within their schedule.

amazon remote jobs

Today we are going to explore some of the job opportunities you can get involved in on Amazon. Although there are other Amazon remote jobs, we have outstanding ones that will start making you money immediately from today. Perhaps you will make it your job forever.

As usual on this website, we have to test a website and ensure that it is legit before we write about it. In this case, we had to test the Amazon remote jobs that we got to ensure that you get it right from the beginning. So, which are these four Amazon remote jobs to start today? Well, just keep reading.

Let’s start with understanding who is Amazon, shall we?

Who is Amazon?

This is perhaps one of the most renowned companies in the United States that are among the Big Five in the IT industry alongside Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Apple. Amazon mostly focuses on e-commerce and other AI services. It has been referred to as one of the most influential platforms for both economic and cultural aspects.

Amazon has been named as one of the most valuable brands in this industry located in Seattle, Washington. This multinational technology company was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue Washington in the United States.

amazon remote jobs

There have been multiple amazon remote jobs since this mega eCommerce company was formed. This website started as a marketplace for selling books and later started to sell video games, electronics, food, software, jewelry, apparel, and toys. 

Amazon in 2015 surpassed the renowned Walmart and became another valuable marketplace in the USA. In 2018, Amazon started a Whole Foods Market which increased their revenue and made them more established in the United States.

Besides, Amazon Prime which was established in 2018 which is a two-day shipping program became very popular that it had over 100 million subscribers across the globe. Amazon remote jobs and services are global hence you can work or shop from anywhere at the comfort of your home. 

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By revenue, Amazon is the largest IT company and the second-largest private company that has the highest number of employers in the US. It remains one of the valuable companies in the USA and the highly valued brand across the globe.

One thing that will help us in our Amazon remote jobs is their Amazon Prime Video, Audible, Amazon Music, and Twitch. These are the platforms where Amazon users distribute and download music, audiobooks, and videos.

amazon remote jobs

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Also, it goes without mentioning the consumer electronics like Echo devices, Fire Tablets, and Kindle e-readers which will be quite helpful in this article. Amazon is known for its high competition and subsidiary acquisition where it has acquired over 40 of them including Twitch, Audible, Shopbop, Goodreads, and many others. 

Now that you have known some important information about Amazon, how are you going to earn using this platform? Well, we have four legit ways for you which we are going to explore and show you exactly the Amazon remote jobs you can work on these subsidiaries. 

Where to Get your Amazon Remote Jobs

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is such a great eCommerce platform that has acquired several subsidiaries that we are going to use to start our remote jobs. We have these four ways which you can use and get stable Amazon remote jobs:

  • Amazon Handmade
  • Audible
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon FBA 

If we stop there, you will not know what to do with these websites. That’s why we will go further and explain to you the kind of jobs you will be doing on each of the platforms. Millions of people are using these platforms and are making tons of money which we want you to start earning also. So, let’s get started and explore. Shall we?

1. Amazon Handmade

This is a great platform on Amazon whose vision is to empower artisans with the necessary tools to showcase their handmade products to Amazon customers across the globe. There have been very successful businesses and great craft communities that have been grown in Amazon Handmade platform. 

amazon remote jobs

You can make use of such platforms to come up with Amazon remote jobs where you become a maker or an artisan of those handmade products. Amazon Handmade was launched in 2015 and since then, it has been hosting artisans from over 80 countries globally. 

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Be sure that they will review your products properly before allowing you into their platform because their artisans are high quality. They set a high bar and show the world what it means with Handmade products. Quality is key if you want to be part of such great Amazon remote jobs. 

Irrespective of what you offer, Amazon Handmade is ready to sell for you to their global customers. Be it woodwork, carvings, molding work, beauty products, and many others. You can decide to sell jewelry, home décor, kitchen and dining, beauty and grooming, handbags and totes, stationery and party supplies, toys and games, clothing and accessories.

Why Join Amazon Handmade?

1. Is a way of expressing your passion

As a local artist, you can make an impact on the globe by the kind of products you produce. Amazon Handmade has made it quite easy for you to express your passion through the products you sell. So, why not make it part of Amazon remote jobs and start selling those handcrafted products.

2. You inspire future makers

You never know who you are inspiring doing those little efforts and crafting that handmade jewelry, home décor, and other accessories. You could be a source of inspiration to millions across the globe and perhaps become a brand.

amazon remote jobs

3. You show creativity

This is where your creativity is celebrated by everyone across the globe. As you make those beautiful creations, you produce great products that demonstrate how creative you can be. You will be inspiring people and showing them what their minds and body can achieve.

4. It is cheap to join – No listing fees

We never saw anywhere that Amazon Handmade is asking for a huge amount of money or some hefty registration fee to become part of their global makers. The maximum amount we saw was a sum of $39.99 per month if you want to join a professional seller. However, they do not charge any listing fees; you just pay a 15% fee for every sale. 

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When you hit the “Apply Now” button it will take you “Join our artisan-only community of sellers. If you are new to Amazon, you need to sign up but if you already have an account or you had created a seller account, just go ahead and apply. Enter all the information needed including your billing method and you will be ready to start one of the best Amazon remote jobs.

amazon remote jobs

5. They are genuine

From the products they sell to the services they offer; they are unique and genuine. Since they verify every product that is offered by the makers, they avoid mass production of certain handmade products. That means customers feel great getting a product that was specifically designed for them.

5. Ready customers

Amazon is visited by millions of customers every month and that means you don’t have to start looking for clients for your products. Besides, you don’t have to promote your products to reach more customers because you already have customers. Make use of this great opportunity and make your Amazon remote jobs of being an artisan more profitable. Will you?

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Handmade

1. Is Amazon Handmade Better than Etsy?

Well, from our research, we realized that both platforms have their weaknesses and strengths but Etsy seemed to be better equipped for starters than Amazon Handmade because it is cheaper to join. On the other hand, Etsy does not have a broad customer reach like Amazon. Whereas Amazon Handmade is giving you a reach of over 300 million customers, Etsy gives you a customer base of 35 million people. You can choose whichever favors you; if you are a beginner entrepreneur, start with Etsy but if you are an established artisan go for Amazon.

amazon remote jobs

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2. How Much does it cost to sell on Amazon Handmade?

Well, Amazon Handmade does not charge you anything hence quite affordable. There are no listing fees required to sell your products on Amazon. Nevertheless, you will need to pay a 15% fee for every sale you make. Some artisans feel that this fee is one of the disadvantages of selling Amazon Handmade. There is also no subscription fee on this platform. 

3. Is it hard to sell on Amazon Handmade?

To sell on Amazon Handmade is not hard, you just need to open an account with them, fill in all the details that they need, and submit the application for approval. The approval may take a few weeks but you will just wait until they approve before you start posting your products to their global customers.

amazon remote jobs

4. What sells best on Amazon Handmade?

This is a common question among sellers where they want to know what they can sell on Amazon Handmade. Well, there are a lot of things to sell on this platform to make your Amazon remote jobs more successful. However, baby products, beauty and grooming, clothing, shoes, electronics, health and personal care, home and kitchen, jewelry, and pet supplies do very well on Amazon Handmade.

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5. How do I join Amazon Handmade?

Of course, the first thing is to sign up for an account on Amazon. The registration is quite simple and easy to complete. After you have an account with Amazon, then you can apply to sell your products on Amazon Handmade. They will request some details from you regarding your business and products for the integrity of this Amazon store for artisans. 

If you don’t feel like venturing into handmade products, then you can decide to check out the other options in this article. There is more to learn, so, continue reading.

2. Audible 

Audible is a renowned website that is typically meant for selling and producing audio entertainment, educational programs, and information on the internet. This website is popular for selling audiobooks, television programs, audio magazines, radio programs, audiobooks, and audio newspapers. 

amazon remote jobs

It is incredible to note that this website, being one of our source of Amazon remote jobs, is one of the largest and most famous producers of downloadable and realistic audiobooks. This seller was bought by Amazon in 2008 for $300 million and officially became a subsidiary of Amazon. 

So, how are we going to get our Amazon remote jobs on this website? Well, being one of the driving forces in the entertainment revolution, Audible is willing to pay you for every person you refer into their website who buys anything or signs for a free trial. 

Now you can turn your passion for listening to music and audiobooks into a positive impact with audible. At Audible, they innovate and inspire using the power of the spoken word in a voice. The stories on Audible have the capacity of transforming every minute of your day. 

There are two ways you can earn with Audible; First through Amazon Associates Program and Creator Program. Let’s take each of them at a time. Shall we?

a). Amazon Remote Jobs on Audible Amazon Associates Program

As we had mentioned earlier, we will be earning our cash on Audible as affiliates or through referring people to this awesome platform. So, how do you get into that? Here are a few steps into earning with Audible Amazon Associates Program:

Step 1: Go to Google and Search for “Audible Affiliates”

This is the first step into Audible Amazon remote jobs. You need to go to any search engine not necessarily Google, remember there is Bing also, and you search for “Audible Affiliates”. Skip the results that are ads and click on the first result from Audible.

amazon remote jobs

Step 2: Join the affiliate program

That will take you to the Audible creator program where you will join as an affiliate. After you visit the website, you will see the “Become an Affiliate” button which you will click and fill in the needed information. You will need to sign in and enter your password if you already have an account with Amazon.

  • Create an account

If you are new to Amazon, you will need to create a new Amazon account. Creating an account will require your name, email address, and password. It is that simple; no complications. After that, you will need to complete the Amazon Associates Account, where you fill in your account information, website and mobile App list, profile, and you will start using the associates central. 

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  • List the website and apps to use

You will be required to enter the websites and mobile apps you are going to use to display the banners, widgets, special links, and other ads from Audible. List only websites that are doing perfectly and have good traffic per month. That’s how your Amazon remote jobs in Audible will fetch you more money.

amazon remote jobs

The websites also should not be primarily for children under the age of 13 else your application for the affiliate program will be rejected. You will fill in some information they need on how you generate traffic, and how many visitors you get per month. And then click finish. 

Step 3: Start Advertising

They will immediately send you an email informing you that they have received the application. They will review your websites after you have started advertising on your site. In these kinds of Amazon remote jobs, Amazon associates give you 180 days for you to have generated at least three qualified sales else your account will be terminated.

Step 4: Drive Traffic

Amazon associates and audible will not approve your account if you have not made at least 3 sales for 180 days, which is approximately 6 months. Use the Audible links and the banners given to drive your traffic to Amazon. The more people you make to sign up the more you will earn.

Step 5: Start earning

Whenever visitors buy products from the links you have displayed, you will earn money. The beauty with Audible is that you can still earn money even when no one buys the products, isn’t that awesome? It is. 

amazon remote jobs

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Since 2015, Audible made their website in such a way that, you can earn up to $10 for anyone who makes purchases and $5 for every free trial your referrals sign in. There are three audible membership plans which will pay you an advertising fee every time your website visitors either purchase or signs up using your link. That’s how Amazon remote jobs work. 

How Much Do You Earn with Audible through Amazon Associates Program?

As part of the multiple Amazon remote jobs, audible gives advertising fees to its associates like you who join Amazon Associates Program affiliate program. Any visitor you direct to the Audible using your affiliate link and they sign up for any membership plan or they make a purchase on Amazon, will make part of your earnings. So, here are the membership plans:

  • Audible Gold Digital Membership – in this plan, you receive $10.00 for every visitor who subscribes to the Gold membership plan. The visitor will receive an audiobook every month for only $14.95 per month. When they want to purchase any other book, they receive a 30% commission. They can cancel any time. By then, you will have received your $10.
  • Audible Free Trial Digital Membership – this is the second membership plan on Audible that will make your Amazon remote jobs more profitable. Can you imagine that Audible pays you $5 for every person you refer to them and they do a free trial? In this free trial, the visitor gets two free audiobooks for free and after the expiry of the trial period, they can join the gold membership plan.
  • Audible Audiobook – in this plan, Audible pays you $0.50 for every visitor who purchases a book either separately or with a credit included in a membership plan. 
amazon remote jobs

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From our experience, we think the last two plans are the best that will help you earn profitability with Amazon remote jobs. You will earn advertising fees for any signup or audiobook purchased on Audible. You don’t need to have a landing page to get started. Nevertheless, a landing page could be a great way of getting started with your audible affiliate.

b) Getting Amazon Remote Jobs through Creator Program

Unlike the first method that seemed complicated, the Creator Program method is relatively easy to sail through. Nevertheless, it pays much more than the first method. In this Audible Creator Program, you earn $15 for every person who signs up for a trial membership. It is that simple. 

amazon remote jobs

With this Creator Program, there are for processes that are involved before you get your cash in your PayPal account:

  • Promote the 30-day trial program using a custom link that they will give – you will be given a custom link once you sign up for the affiliate program.
  • Listeners visit the Audible trial landing page using your link and your Amazon remote job starts to bring in some cash
  • They give you a $15 commission for every person who signs up for the trial membership – it is not hard to convince even 10 to sign up to get a free audiobook
  • Your listeners or the ones that joined the trial membership start enjoying a free audiobook

Why Choose the Audible Creator Program?

With the first two steps, you will start getting money in your PayPal account. With over 180,000 books, your customers or listeners cannot fail to come to Audible to listen to the audios. There must be at least one audio that will thrill your listeners. 

The beauty with the Audible Creator Program is that the Trial Membership that pays you $15 in commission is free. That means that your listeners will not need to pay anything to get the free audiobook of their choice. That will immensely make your Amazon Remote Jobs successful. 

I know you could be wondering about their payment. Right? Well, just relax because with the Audible Creator Program you get your money easily like a breeze. They keep a clear track of your hits and once two of your referrals sign up for trial membership, you are ready to be paid. 

amazon remote jobs

That should tell you that they pay you when you hit a minimum of $30. They pay monthly hence you will have your money on time for your established Amazon remote jobs. You can decide to make it as a podcast where you mention the affiliate program or you write a blog and link to the Audible Creator Program. So, how do you apply for the program?

How to Apply for Audible Creator Program

Do I say that this is one of the easiest Amazon remote jobs I have ever seen? Well, we applied for the program which took us barely two minutes. They later send you an email telling you that they have received your application. They review the application and after 3-5 business days they will give you the feedback. What is needed in this Audible Creator Program application process? 

amazon remote jobs
  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Company
  • Website URL (optional)
  • Type of business and its description
  • Country, city, state
  • Address and postal code
  • Payment type – PayPal or check by Mail

After you fill in the above information, you need to read their terms and conditions and select where you heard about them. Then click the “Submit Application” button. They will immediately send you an email from Performance Bridge Media to inform you that they have received your application. Wait for 3-5 days for it to be approved. 

Why Should You Work With Audible?

1. It’s free to join and use

You don’t have to pay anything to start earning with Audible. Things have been so simplified that you just need to sign up or sign in to Amazon Associates Program and off you start advertising the products you want for your Amazon remote jobs. You can easily see the amount or the advertising fees you have earned on the Amazon Associates dashboard and see the one that is doing well to put more effort into it. 

2. It is simple to use

You don’t have to be a webmaster or web developer to use Audible or do other Amazon remote jobs. They have simple advertising tools where you just need to cut and paste your affiliate link to the products, popular categories, and your favorites. You can also use the banners to spread Amazon products and services. 

3. Various ways of advertising

, Unlike other websites that only give links for their affiliate programs, Audible gives you a variety of options ranging from links to banners, product images to widgets. You can decide to share the links on the website and hyperlink them to the content you have written. Of course, the content must be compelling enough for people to click through. You will select a product and you will be given options on how you want to advertise your product. 

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4. Detailed Reporting

To ensure that your Amazon remote jobs on Audible are highly profitable, Amazon associates ensure that they provide very detailed reporting where you can easily monitor your progress. You can see the clicks for your links, purchases made, and the amount of money you have. You can use the reporting to improve your earnings.

5. No landing page needed

If you have been in affiliate marketing for a long, you will realize that most affiliate links require landing pages for them to be advertised effectively but not for Amazon Associate affiliate programs. Amazon remote jobs can be done without a landing page yet there will be tangible results. 

amazon remote jobs

6. Easy to promote products

This is another great advantage of working with Audible. It is easy to start promoting your products after signing up with Amazon Associate program. Choose an audible product that you want to promote at Associates Central. You will find the links, images, banners, HTML code, and other ads that you will use to promote your products for the Amazon remote jobs you are involved in. 

7. They pay well

It is awesome that you can earn up to $15 with the Audible Creator Program for simply referring people on the landing page of Audible who later signs up for a trial membership. It is such easy. Your visitors don’t need to pay anything, as they sign up, they get a free audiobook. On the Audible Amazon Associates Program, you earn $5 for free sign-ups and trial membership. This is one of the greatest Amazon remote jobs to put your hands into. 

As you can see, Audible is a great platform that you can use to earn money from home with ease. So, why not try it out.     

3. Amazon Kindle

If you are a fan of reading then Kindle eBooks, Kindle Newspaper, Kindle Newsstand, Kindle Short Reads, and Kindle singles can make part of your Amazon remote jobs. Now Amazon has simplified things and is now giving you a chance of earning in their Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

amazon remote jobs

Visit Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and start submitting your eBooks on various topics. There are several categories like business and investing, comics and graphic novels, education and textbooks, KDP Kids, Kindle Vella, Literature and Fiction, Non-fiction, Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, and Fantasy among others for your Amazon remote jobs. 

Why Choose Amazon KDP?

1. Fast to Publish and Market

You can self-publish your eBook for free on this website and reach millions of readers across the globe. To publish your book according to KDP takes only 5 minutes and after submitting your book, you wait for 24-48 hours for your book to be live on Amazon as part of your Amazon remote jobs. It’s that simple.

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2. Easy to Make Money

Amazon gives you 70% of the amount you sell your eBook. That’s enough to keep you running, after all, you have not used any money to publish the book and to advertise it. You just need to enroll in “KDP Select” and upload your books for them to be featured. You can double the profitability of your Amazon remote jobs using Kindle Unlimited and the renowned Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. 

amazon remote jobs

3. You have ready customers

You don’t have to advertise your books on Google or on any social media platform to start selling your books. Amazon KDP reaches millions of people and is eagerly waiting for your book immediately after you publish it. They have customers all over the globe from the US, Canada, UK, India, Australia, Spain, Germany, Japan, and many others for your Amazon remote jobs clients.

4. Keep control

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing gives you the full rights of your account. You determine how many books you publish, how many books you sell, the rights of the eBook, and the prices of the books. This is where such kinds of Amazon remote jobs become interesting because you are given full freedom. That includes making necessary changes at any time.

amazon remote jobs

5. You can publish your book in digital and print

You have the freedom of choosing the one you want. With Kindle, you can publish your eBooks and even paperbacks without any additional costs. This could be the reason many people are starting to use the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform as part of their Amazon remote jobs.

6. It is free

Amazon will not charge you anything for using their platforms to publish your book. Whether you will publish 90 or 19 books as part of your Amazon remote jobs, you will do it all for free. They only perhaps take that 30% after the book has been sold and send you 70% of the amount paid. So, why not get started today?

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Kindle

1. Is Amazon Kindle Free?

Typically, Amazon Kindle is free. For users and enthusiastic readers, one can download a free Kindle app and start reading anytime and anywhere. However, if they want to get better books and more informative books, they need to choose a membership plan to access unlimited amazon kindle books. 

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2. What is Amazon Kindle?

This is generally an e-readers series that has been designed and marketed by the renowned Amazon. In Amazon Kindle, the readers are allowed to read kindle eBooks, Kindle Newsstand, Kindle newspaper, and kindle magazines for completely free. For better materials, Amazon Kindle will require one to buy the eBooks, Magazines, and other readable materials

3. How much does a Kindle cost on Amazon?

The prices range from $89.99 for Amazon Kindle while for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, it ranges from $129.99. Their ratings, screen sizes, and storage space usually differ. Every Kindle reader should do a comparison to know which one to select that matches their pocket.

4. What is the best Kindle to buy?

As a reader of eBooks, there are various Amazon Kindles that you can use to make your reading experience better and of course, get better and more informative books. You can make Kindle part of your many Amazon remote jobs. To most people, the best kindle to buy is Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. The best premium Kindle is the Amazon Kindle Oasis, for the best budget kindle, many people go for Amazon Kindle while Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is the best Kindle for children.

amazon remote jobs

5. Is there a monthly fee for Kindle

Every Amazon Kindle reader should know that they will be charged $9.99 every month to access Kindle Unlimited Subscription. The payment goes active once the trial period is over. That’s how you make your Amazon remote jobs even more profitable.

6. How much does Amazon charge to publish eBooks on Kindle?

As previously mentioned, Amazon does not charge you anything for publishing your book on their Kindle Direct Publishing platform. However, they pay you70% for every book you sell.

You will notice that most of the above questions are related to Kindle Readers, not for Publishers who are running their Amazon remote jobs.                                                         

4. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

The final source of Amazon remote jobs that we will talk about in this article is Fulfillment By Amazon. What is Fulfilment by Amazon? We can simply say that it is a process whereby, Amazon stores, packs, and ships orders to the customers on your behalf. It also involves Amazon handling returns and sometimes exchanges. 

amazon remote jobs

Since most people now have a deep trust for Amazon, your FBA business is likely to boom if you get the right niche and line of products to deal with. Effectiveness and reliability are things that Amazon is known for and that’s what delights their customers.

So, you will need to take or send your products to the fulfillment centers of Amazon and this giant eCommerce platform will do the rest for you and make your Amazon remote jobs more successful. You will just be waiting for your cash to be deposited into your account after the customer accepts your product.

Several times a year, Amazon FBA offers its suppliers free shipping, free returns, free removals, and free storage. Keep an eye on such great and limited offers if you want your Amazon remote jobs to be more successful and profitable. Will you?

Why Choose FBA?

1. It saves time

Since you are not the one shipping your products to your customers, the time for shipment is reduced by Amazon because this eCommerce platform has already established platforms. You take your products to Amazon and immediately a customer orders a product from your shop on Amazon, they deliver the order on your behalf. That means you will have happy customers making your business more successful. 

amazon remote jobs

2. They mark your product with Prime Logo

That makes your products more attractive to the customers since it only takes two days to ship to them. Besides, Amazon will be offering free shipping for every product they order. That results in more orders and better earnings for your Amazon remote jobs.

3. You enjoy Amazon customer service

When it comes to managing customer inquiries, refunds, returns, and other related issues, Amazon customer support handles that for you. That’s the beauty of Amazon FBA, you will never be involved with your customers directly.

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4. Ready Customers

Amazon has millions of visitors every month who are potential buyers. That should tell you that you don’t have to advertise or promote your products for them to reach potential customers. They have provided ready customers for you.

5. They scale your business fast

Since the services and quality of their products are globally acceptable, your products will join their inventory and ensure your business grows effectively. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) can make your online business and Amazon remote jobs boom without advertising or spending additional costs making it one of the best Amazon remote jobs to do.

amazon remote jobs

6. Cost-effective

Amazon does not charge you the shipping cost for the Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping. They do the shipping for you which is quite cost-effective. You will only need to settle for the storage space fees and you will have your orders delivered. Ensure you read their write-up on Fees for Selling on Amazon

There are many benefits of FBA and the above will at least guide you if you want this to be part of your Amazon remote job. 


As you can see, there are many Amazon remote jobs and opportunities to get involved in; you just need to be focused. You can create a stable passive income using some of the above methods like Audible affiliates. For Amazon Handmade, Amazon Kindle, and FBA could be other sources of reoccurring cash flow. If you put the necessary efforts into any of the above four methods, you will succeed. So, take action today!


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