The 7 Ingredients of a Great Email Marketing Template

6. Few Links in the Body

This is where most marketers and email senders miss it. You think having a lot of links in your email body will increase your conversions.

Let me disappoint you, having multiple links in your email body will only make your email land in the spam. That does not sound good, of course.

email marketing template

But you can simply avoid that by ensuring that you only have one link in your email body. That’s the recommended standard for the subsequent emails.

No matter how important you think the links are, if you stuff your email with the links, your email will end up in the spam box.

If it is the first time you are sending someone an email, I suggest not including any link. The follow-up email is the one that should have just one link.

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What am I trying to say? Spamming your email marketing template with links will not help you reach your goal, so, avoid spamming.


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