The 7 Ingredients of a Great Email Marketing Template

The Ingredients of a Great Email Marketing Template

1. Catchy Subject Lines

What if I tell you that over 85% of your emails usually land in the spam box, while over 12% land in the promotion box? That tells you that only less than 3% land in the inbox.

I know this could be quite disturbing but unfortunately, it is the truth. Perhaps you have been looking for a way out and direct your email marketing templates into the inbox.

Well, a simple answer; work on your subject line. The subject of your email is so important that it not only determines where your email will land but whether it will be opened.

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Some marketers have very appealing and catchy headlines for their emails that instantly catch the attention of the receiver hence the high open-through rates.

These marketers know how to write an email so as not to land in the spam or promotional box. Remember, you must also learn this art. Learn more on that here.

If you want your emails to land in the inbox of the receiver and have high click-through rates, ensure that your email marketing template has an appealing subject with spam-free words.


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