The 7 Ingredients of a Great Email Marketing Template

7. Call to Action

Finally, we have this important feature that every email marketing template should have. This is usually the last paragraph or line of your email.

The call to action usually depends on what you are selling or what you are presenting to your readers. A good email marketing template must have a call to action.

Call to Action is you telling the reader what you want them to do for you. Some examples of call to action in emails include:

  • “Subscribe to our channel today…”
  • “Buy one and get one free…”
  • “Sign up for our newsletter…”
  • “Share with your friends…”
  • “Register with us today…”
email marketing template

Well, those are the 7 ingredients of a good email marketing template that you should always check out as a marketer.

Let us know in the comment what you think about these ingredients and what needs to be added. See you in our next article.


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