The 7 Ingredients of a Great Email Marketing Template

5. Right Audience

Now, every product or service that you are trying to market, has its own audience. The biggest mistake you can make is to target the wrong audience.

One of the reasons most emails have a low open-through rate is because they landed in the inbox of the wrong person who is the wrong audience.

email marketing template

Before you send your email marketing template check through and classify your audience. Know the people you are targeting. That will determine the kind of email you send to them.

It is advisable to classify your audience perhaps based on the industry they are in, for example, Saas, IT, Clothing, Freelancing, Trading, Finance, Marketing, YouTubers, etc.

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Also, you can classify them based on their positions and roles in a company, for example, CEO, Chief Operations Officer, Marketers, Finance Controller, Chief Information Officer, Data Analysts, etc.

Classifying them like that will give you the right audience for your email. Always ensure your email marketing template is reaching the right audience.


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