Top 6 Kenyan Celebs That Are Blood Relatives & Suitable Insurance Company for Each

2. Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave

If you don’t know Joey Muthengi, then most probably you don’t watch television. She is a media personality who started her media career journey on Capital FM 98.4 where she was a radio presenter hosting a youth program that made waves back in 2013.

celebs and their suitable insurance company

Joey Muthengi was born in 1985 with her birthday on 2nd August. This Kenyan celeb has a sibling who is also a celebrity in Kenya known as David Muthengi popularly known as Holy Dave.

Holy Dave is a Tv Presenter and a Musician who has largely worked with Loyal Media Services specifically Citizen Tv where he was hosting a major program known as Bambika although he later quit.

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The two siblings love each other and have severally been spotted chilling out together. Holy Dave is the elder brother of Joey. That does not mean that these Kenyan celebs don’t have other siblings; they do, including Mumo Muthengi and Eunice Muthengi.

Joey and Holy Dave are cool siblings and perhaps their suitable insurance company for their cars and all that’s theirs could be AAR insurance company. Let’s know your thoughts.

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