Friday, September 30

Top 6 Kenyan Celebs That Are Blood Relatives & Suitable Insurance Company for Each

5. Diana Marua and Michelle

Meet the two creators and makeup artists who are siblings who have been there for each other especially when it comes to their careers.

Diana Marua is the wife of the popular musician Bahati who hopped into secular songs after singing in the gospel industry for some years. Diana Marua is currently 26 years, a YouTuber, and continues to be on Bahati’s side.

celebs and their suitable insurance company

Diana has a younger sister known as Michelle who is also a creator and a makeup artist. The two sisters and Kenyan celebrities have been seen severally hanging out together.

Michelle, who is also known as D Eimos, hit headlines when she started narrating her story when she got pregnant with twins at the age of only 19 years. The two Kenyan Celebs continue to be good friends. They also have a sister called Varl.

These two sisters seem to be quite explorative and can be involved in taking such risks. The best insurance company for them could be AAA insurance company and perhaps Jubilee Insurance Company.

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