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How To Create The Best Converting Email Marketing Campaigns 2022

The Best Tips You Need for Great Email Marketing Campaigns

What if I told you that over 20% of the emails you have been sending to your prospective customers have been landing in their spam box? That isn’t good.

But did you know that 86% of your professional customers prioritize emails sent to them? So, why are they not reading your emails? Think about it.

Well, that’s why we are here to give you the secret tips you have been missing in your email marketing campaigns which you need to start practicing in 2022.

According to a report released in 2022 by Snov.io Labs, over 306.4 billion emails were exchanged every day in 2020, denoting that over 89% of marketers usually use email marketing campaigns as their primary mode of generating leads across the globe.

Out of the billions of emails sent in 2020, the marketers only had a CTR (Click-through rate) of only 2.6% and an average open rate of 18%. The report further stated that in 2019, most of the email marketing campaigns had an average spam rate and bounce rate of 0.02% and 0.7%, respectively.

email marketing campaigns

Benchmark says more than 347 billion emails will be sent daily in 2022. So, perhaps you could ask why so many marketers rely on emails to reach their potential clients? Well, let’s answer that by briefly looking at email marketing. So, let’s dive in.

What is Email Marketing?

In simple terms, we can say that email marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves sending emails to your existing and prospective customers. The aim is to either create awareness of your products and services or convert them into your reliable customers who frequently buy your products or services.

What is the art of email marketing? Typically it begins from collecting emails from people who visit your website. That enables you to create an email list that will enable you to start your email marketing campaigns for your business.

As mentioned earlier, email marketing is usually done for four major reasons: lead generation, sales, lead nurturing, and customer retention. According to statistics, over 85% of marketers use email marketing for lead generation, while 84% use it to generate sales.

But why is email marketing so common and popular? Well, we can say because of its high return on investment (ROI). Statistics have shown that the ROI of email marketing is averagely 4200%, meaning that for every 1 dollar spent, there is a possibility of getting $42. That’s awesome.

email marketing campaigns

Many marketers have said that emails convert better than Facebook and Twitter by 40%, incredible! But, of course, we cannot fully understand email marketing without talking about the art of doing it by developing email marketing campaigns. So, let’s briefly look at that. Shall we?


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