Thursday, September 29

Top 6 Kenyan Celebs That Are Blood Relatives & Suitable Insurance Company for Each

6. Sarah Hassan and Anita Nderu

I am sure this is only known by the few and the family members 😄. However, now we have added you to the list of those who know this secret relationship of Sarah Hassan and Anita Nderu.

Sarah Hassan who gained her massive popularity from Tahidi High show where she acted as Tanya, has continued to transverse the industry as an actress. Her recent and famous show, known as Zora, has given her great fame as a Kenyan actress and celebrity.

Her cousin, Anita Nderu on the other side, is a widely known broadcaster and a renowned brand developer that is fast rising to be a celebrated Kenyan celebrity.

celebs and their suitable insurance company

The two have been seen together severally and have been quite supportive of each other. Recently, Anita organized Sarah Hassan’s baby shower which was really dope.

The Suitable Insurance Company for These Celebs

Sarah Hassan and her great cousin don’t seem to have a lot of pressures in life except the one that may emerge from their kids. Hence, we think the best insurance company for these celebs could be AAR insurance company and perhaps APA insurance company.

That’s all we have for you on these Kenyan celebrities.

The Bottom Line

Now you know that these six Kenyan celebrities are blood relatives, and yes, they have been quite supportive of each other. Perhaps that’s why they have become celebs.

Let us know in the comment box below what you think of these Kenyan celebrities who are blood relatives. Thanks for reading and see you in the next episode.

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